Unique Watches With Moving Flowers And Words

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “good things come to those who wait.” Yeah, it’s a cliche – but this watch is making it literal. The design from Mr. Jones Watches has a hidden message on the face that only reveals itself as the letters slide into place once an hour.

If you’re too impatient for that design, the company has also released a watch inspired by a phlox flower. It forms the flower at certain times during the day, but the rest of the time it looks like a beautiful kaleidoscope image. Floriography – “the Victorian system for ascribing a specific meaning to different flowers” – influenced this watch so it also has an engraving on the back.

Both watches are limited to 100 pieces.

Check out the floral watch after the break.

Product Pages – Good Things Watch ($205), Phlox Watch ($199.99)


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