the dress

It may be hard to believe, but thanks to the Internet, “The Dress” is now a cultural touchstone. Many of us will be able to look back on that day and say we knew where we were when we first saw The Dress. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

What is a good thing is that The Dress has already made it’s way onto a design in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store and it’s on sale for $14 for a limited time.

Peter Griffin in The Dress is something that never would have existed without all of us and our need to understand the important mysteries of life.

All hail the Internet.

Product Page ($20 $14)


Loot Crate has announced the theme of their subscription box for March, and it’s titled “COVERT”. The description reads:

Calling all Agents of Loot!: We’re entrusting you with this top-secret (until now) intel: March’s Loot Crate is a dynamite, jam-packed collection of COVERT operations! We have compiled the very best of spies and undercover agents, operatives and espionage of some of your favorite spy & thriller themes and franchises. Among the assets we’ll be delivering are an EXCLUSIVE, officially licensed Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD replica collectible (complete with certificate of authenticity!); plus a Loot Crate Exclusive Orphan Black item; the return of an EXCLUSIVE t-shirt (not black!), plus some incredibly cool undercover-rrific wearable accessories; and much more! So study the mission and get ready to embark on an adventure in March!

Sounds like it’s going to be awesome. They also included an image of the cover of Goldeneye for the N64 in the announcement email which may or may not mean anything.

If you’re thinking about giving a Loot Crate subscription a try, you can check out our reviews for the January and February 2015 boxes to get an idea of what you can expect.

You can even get 10% off your subscription when you use the code “FASHIONABLYGEEK” at checkout.


I solemnly swear that I just about died when I saw this teeny tiny Harry Potter Marauder’s map pendant. A truly marvelous wizard shop BeeHappyShop on Etsy makes the tiny locket by hand to actually hold a Hogwart’s Map inside!

The front of the locket is covered with a lense and the back is a thick paper with the words “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.” The pendant can be secured on it’s 19-inch silvery chain to keep close to your heart and hidden from professors.

After the break check out pics of the open locket and map.

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I was not the biggest fan of Jupiter Ascending, but I have literally nothing negative to say about society6 user Stefanie’s fanart of Caine, Channing Tatum’s genetically spliced human-wolf. Given some of the stupid stuff that went on in that movie, I think there’s a Moon Moon crossover to be made next.

You can buy “Three Wolf Jupiter” as a print, shirt or hoodie on Stefanie’s shop.


totoros new neighbors

Looks like Baymax and Baby Groot have moved into the neighborhood.

This tee is on a $14 sale in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store for a limited time so grab it while you can!

Product Page ($20 $14)

turtle v

This is the TurtleV, a “modern garment that is not only very fashionable, but also offers the supreme style and comfort you have always been looking for,” as quoth its Kickstarter page.

The Kickstarter page also says the main goal in designing the shirt was to give men a way to expose their chest without their necks getting cold (what they call “Comfort Neck Warming Technology”), but we know what’s really up here. C’mon, which of you guys in the video is a Power Girl fan?

Check out the project video after the break…

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firefly bag

How do I describe this Firefly purse and make up bag from Crescent City Couture as anything but adorably kawaii? I mean, come ON. If you’re a Browncoat and you have to admit this is pretty gorram shiny. I love Kaylee’s parasol.

Head after the break to see more pictures.

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When we are younger, we imagine ourselves as superheros flying from roof top to roof top fighting evil. Those brave ideas eventually fade and our imagination steps aside to make room for thoughts of a more practical life.

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong, wanted to remind us to never stop dreaming with a photo series aimed to capture the  very essence of what it takes to be a superhero: fearlessness. Wong and his group of heroes were truly fearless as the entire photoshoot took place on the edge of a skyscraper overlooking a 1000 foot drop.

On his website, he writes:

“It’s a fantasy we’ve all had at some point. We imagine ourselves standing on the edge of a building, overlooking the city, hair blowing in the wind. As we get older, we stop dreaming. We stop believing that anything is possible because we’ve seen too much of what isn’t. And that is why I wanted to photograph ordinary people as superheroes?-?so that they could see themselves as they had once dreamed.”

Wong chose a group of ordinary people from SmugMug to face the most primal fear of heights. The group of “just dads, engineers and customer service people” brought their own costumes and agreed to be suspended from cables from atop the skyscraper.

“Seeing them challenge themselves and finding courage where they thought there was none was absolutely inspiring. It is not the lack of fear that makes a superhero a hero, but what they do in the face of fear that makes all the difference.”

Head after the break to see the amazing results…

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soul caliber

What happens when a hentai artist designs a skin for Soul Calibur? Well, let’s just say that that whole argument about effective female armor just suffered another setback.

Manga artist Yamatogawa made this “Magic Knight” outfit which can be worn by Ivy and Amy in Soul Calibur: Lost Swords.

Only in a fantasy world would this breastplate hold…anything.

Check out the video after the break.

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For those who have gone under the needle, many would say that their ink had been chosen with great care and the meaning is special, personal, and meant to last forever. We’ve seen amazing geeky tattoos from fans paying homage to their favorite characters and even their child’s childhood drawings for lasting memories, but Adam and Tanya Phillip did something even more special. They decided to get tattoos to match their daughter’s birthmark to make her feel less alone.

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