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I would describe these Wonder Woman sweater designs as “bold”.

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New York Comic Con is a great experience, but it can be exhausting, too. The crowds, the lines, the early hours if you want to get into the premier panels. But there’s one group for whom getting out of the con sane and uninjured is an even taller order: Cosplayers who wear high heels. This is their tribute, NYCC 2015 style.

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Prosthetic company Open Bionics, has partnered with Disney on a line of incredible robotic hands that would really made kids feel like superheroes!

The three variations modeled after Iron Man, Frozen, and Star Wars are fully automated and have LED lights for an extra awesome effect. Open Bionics is part of the Techstars’ Disney Accelerator program which means they have royalty-free access to these properties and even collaborated with Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB on the Star Wars hand.

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Open Bonic’s CEO Joel Gibbard is known for his groundbreaking Open Hand Project. His goal is to create commercially viable prosthetics with this technology that are affordable and can boost confidence for the wearer.

Check out more images of these amazing bionic hands along with a video of the 3D printed technology in action after the break.

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This T-Shirt Is Humerus

humerus shirt

No bones about it.

Product Page ($6 Image via: Reddit)


The folks at UK-based Irregular Choice continue to absolutely kill it with their Star Wars line with the reveal of light-up lightsaber heels and a pair of C-3PO flats.

Forget power converters, I’m heading into Tosche Station for these babies. Look for these shoes to arrive at the end of October.

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ghostbusters shoes

Australian company Nookie just unveiled their awesome line of Ghostbusters sneakers in three different styles: the ghost-busting suit, the “No Ghost” and the “Gozer”.

The suit models match the classic uniform complete with knee pads on the heels and your choice of character patch. The “who you gonna call” shoes boast a black and white look with the famous “no ghost” symbol. And the Gozer shoes are electric with the hottest demigod of the ’80s.

You can pre-order both men’s and women’s sizes from $100 to $120 (while supplies last). Take a closer look at the designs after the break…

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darth hellboy 4

This brilliant cosplay, created by Luis Projects, brings two of our favorite red skinned demons together into one perfectly balanced fighting machine. Meet Sithboy.

Photos by James Rulison.

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Season 2 of Geek & Sundry’s hit series LARPs premiered on October 8th and they’ve upgraded their gear along with a lot of other stuff thanks to the funds raised through their Indiegogo campaign. With longer episodes and new cast members, LARPs is leveling up the adventure.

If you’re not familiar with the show, LARPs follows a group of friends on their journeys through both real life and live action role-play.

Watch a teaser for season 2 plus the first episode after the break…

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american ninjasaurus

DJ and athlete Reko Rivera wants to be on American Ninja Warrior, but he insists on practicing the obstacles in this inflatable T-Rex costume. Hey buddy, don’t let those tiny arms stop you from realizing your dreams.

Watch it after the break. It’s glorious.

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leia shirt top

Princess Leia doesn’t need to be rescued, but you had better liberate this shirt from our Nerd Approved Shirt Store while it’s still on sale!

Available several different styles and loads of colors.

Product Page ($20 $14)