Hobbit cosplayers

It’s a neat thing when cosplayers get to interact with the people who inspired their outfits and even neater when it’s captured on camera. In their latest video, the folks behind Cosplay Boom speak to fans who made costumes inspired by The Hobbit. They also spoke with WETA artists who worked on the films including Richard Taylor, Lindsey Crummett, and Andrew Baker. They have nothing but praise and appreciation for cosplayers, and it does the heart good to hear.

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Want to pretend you attend Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters instead of your boring Danger Room-less institution? This watch from ThinkGeek might help. The stylish design isn’t exactly subtle, but since it’s black, you can pair it with multiple outfits. It has a stainless steel caseback, a silicone band, and will not give you any sort of mutant powers.

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Cersei Lannister is the woman you love to hate on Game of Thrones, and here she’s wonderfully cosplayed by Arcana Imperia Cosplay. She’s got Cersei’s look of disdain down perfectly. These photos were all taken at Montreal Comiccon by Lexa One Photography.

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teepublic contest

Giveaway week is in full swing on our sister site Nerd Approved with Star Wars Rebels and book lovers giveaways, and today we’re giving three lucky readers a free shirt of their choice from TeePublic!

You can choose your favorite design from the shirts we’ve hand selected in our merch store, or from the entire TeePublic selection.

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The three-bladed lightsaber is likely to be what all the fashionable Jedi are wearing at the cons this year, and this version is the best so far. The maker of this prop has done a fantastic job of recreating what we saw in that brief glimpse in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Its definitely a step up from this 3D printed version.

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Power Rangers nail wrap

Turn your fingernails into a super-powered group of warriors by applying these easy to use nail wraps. The stickers are part of the Nailed It! nail art line and feature Mighty Morphin Power Rangers uniform designs. The stickers come in pink, yellow, blue, black, green, and red so you can mix and match.

There are 14 individual wraps in total, and you only have to press them onto your nails and trim them to fit with your nail file – no fighting Rita Repulsa required.

Product Page ($9.99)

ghost of christmas present costume 1

There aren’t enough Muppet Christmas Carol-inspired costumes in the world, but Redditor daddymacbrain, a.k.a. Chris Brain, is doing his part to remedy that problem. He truly made this Ghost of Christmas Present costume come to life. He made it for a stage production and explained a little about what the outfit’s made from:

The Head was made using paper mache, clay, sythetic hair and a adjustable head strap to fit all head sizes. The Jaw is hinged and elasticated so it can move with the wearers own jaw movements.

The robe is made with green velvet style material lined with faux fur, feature buttons and trimmings. The robe is is Large but would still look great on a smaller person as the wearer can just use a pillow to pad it out (pillow not included).

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sw purses

If you thought you had seen all the Star Wars purses you might want or need, I have three more that may just make it onto your holiday wish lists.

These three different faux leather Star Wars purses each have their own distinctive styles and design. There’s a Dia De Los Muertos style Stormtrooper, a retro tattoo style, and a black and white grid style that I’m definitely partial to.

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Well, here a frickin’ gorgeous League Of Legends Blood Moon Akali & Shen cosplay. The costumes were made by Giulietta Zawadzki who’s also cosplaying alongside Sam Dowse.

Photos by Kevin Hennequin, Alex Laberge & Paper Cube.

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You might not ever get to go into space, but this jacket will make you look like you’re well on your way. The SpaceLife Jacket is designed to look like an astronaut’s spacesuit complete with patches and even a non-functional aluminum port.

It’s made of trilobal fiber and is waterproof and reflective so you’ll be warm and safe in your astronaut jacket (on Earth anyway). There are also Bluetooth speakers in the hood and playback buttons built into the cuff.

You can order it now, but you’ll be waiting awhile for your first flight as it doesn’t start shipping until September 2015. It’s also really, really expensive.

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