Actress Rileah Vanderbilt, who you may be familiar with from her role as this badass Wonder Woman, has partnered with seamstress and costumer Jes Reaves on a new swim line that’s inspired by space, science, and sci-fi. Check out the first designs from Celestial Body Swimwear below. [click to continue…]

Evan aka CookInTights has perfected the art of Overwatch Hanzo cosplay. Need more proof? Check out additional pics below. [click to continue…]

Doctor Pika-Strange [Tattoos]

This Doctor Strange / Pokemon Pikachu mashup is the work of the talented Chris Morris at the Frontier Tattoo Parlour in Cardiff, Wales. Check out more of his nerdy designs below. [click to continue…]

Cats. When they’re not sitting in the Amazon box you got in the mail, they’re terrorizing ships and becoming one with space. This hoodie captures them in their natural habitat, but you can choose to revere our alien overlords on everything from tank tops to pillows if you prefer.

(via Startorialist)

Photographer Camillia Courts has teamed up with her 7-year old daughter Layla for some spectacular Disney-themed cosplay that has just begun its takeover of Instagram. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]

Take business casual to the limit with this Firefly Serenity button-down shirt. A shirt like this is a testament to your good taste, fearlessness and loyalty—qualities that any employer would appreciate.

Firefly Serenity Button-Down Shirt ($49.99)

ThinkGeek has released a new edition of their popular Bag of Holding, and its capacity to carry things is nearly infinite. It is big enough to hold a European board game (a much requested feature apparently) in addition to your laptop and books. But a larger capacity isn’t the only new feature. [click to continue…]

Honestly, this Wonder Woman balloon jet one of the cutest and cleverest cosplays I’ve ever seen. It’s the work of Chicago-based balloon artist Smarty Pants and his superhero daughter Penny. [click to continue…]

With the premiere of the live-action Beauty and the Beast film only a few weeks away, it’s a good time to show you this fantastic cosplay featuring SuperKayce as Belle and Knightmage as The Beast. The castle setting is absolutely perfect for the photos from The Portrait Dude. Check out more below. [click to continue…]


Our Nerd Approved / TeePublic shirt store is full of nerdy designs from the best independent artists and they’re all on sale for just $14! [click to continue…]