TokyoFlash Kisai Rorschach Watch Reveals Both Time And Mental Problems [Video]


The latest unique watch offering from ToykoFlash is the Kisai Rorschach ePaper watch. It’s tricky to read until you know how it works. Hours are displayed on the top right and minutes are on the bottom left with both reflected in mirror images to create the Rorschach inkblot. If you see a demonic face instead of the time, you might want to get that checked out.

It also features a date display and an alarm. The numbers and background can even trade colors for easier reading at night. The watch is available in several colors with a leather or stainless strap and takes just a standard watch battery.

See more pictures and videos (including a Watchmen spoof) after the break…







Product Page ($179 until Thursday 11/21 at 11am Japan time, then the price increases)

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