The “Deep Space Nine” Tourbillon Watch Is Only For Serious Trekkies


Designed to mimic the space station in Deep Space Nine, this watch by Vianney Halter is a work of art visually and mechanically. Beneath its retro sci-fi dome, it features a spinning triple axis tourbillon that looks like it’s floating in the air. This is the kind of high-end watch design that watch enthusiasts drool over and now Trekkies will be coveting it, too.

The spinning tourbillon in the center is the first axis point. Next, the entire tourbillon shaft spins around on its axis, providing the second axis. This spins once each six minutes. Last, the entire mechanism spins horizontally in the middle of the case each 30 minutes offering the third axis point. While only the initial tourbillon cage spins with appreciable speed, the entire movement is technically a triple axis tourbillon. A black movement plate behind the tourbillon offers the illusion of emptiness behind the mechanism, but offers space for the rest of the movement where elements like the mainspring barrel are located (55 hours of power reserve).

It looks incredible, but don’t expect to get your wrist on one any time soon. For one thing, it costs $192,000. Second, it appears to have already sold to a collector in China.

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(A Blog To Watch via Gizmodo)


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