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Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk Watch Is Designed And Built For Astronauts

…but now fat dudes who rarely leave the couch can wear one too. Indeed, Seiko is offering a commemorative, limited edition of their spacewalk watch (“the first watch ever designed specifically for use in outer space”) to the general public.

First presented at Baselworld 2008, this remarkable watch was first used in October 2008 when the private space adventurer, Richard Garriott, took it into space on his mission to the International Space Station (ISS). It had been built expressly for his space flight and was designed to withstand the extreme temperatures, pressures and radiation conditions involved in an Extra-vehicular Activity (EVA), or spacewalk. It performed flawlessly throughout Richard’s 12-day flight in space. Subsequently, in December 2008, two Spring Drive Spacewalk watches were worn by a Russian cosmonaut throughout a 5-hour-38-minute EVA. During the EVA, both the time of day and chronograph functions worked perfectly, even when worn on the outside of the space suit. On their return to Earth, the watches were studied, assessed and tested at Seiko Epson’s facility, and their perfect performance during the EVA was independently verified.

With the exception of a screw-in crown for added case security, the commemorative edition is the exact same watch used in space. However, it is limited to 100 pieces and are expected to sell for $28,000 a pop.

Product Page ($28,000 via Uncrate)


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