HD3 Slyde Watch Outdoes The iPod Nano [Video]

Companies are making watchbands for the iPod nano like crazy, but the problem is that the nano wasn’t built to be a watch in the first place—and that’s the fundamental difference beween it and the HD3 Slyde (well, that and the price).

The Slyde is a high-end Swiss watch with a touchscreen UI and a curved design that’s actually going to be comfortable on the wrist. They will also release several custom digital watch dials each year that can be purchased for around $50-$100 apiece (perhaps even more for special editions).

Annnnnnd that brings us to the problem with pricing. When the HD3 Slyde goes on sale on sale sometime in the fall, expect prices to exceed a whopping $5000.

So, it doesn’t look like the HD3 Slyde will cut into the nano’s watch business all that much, but there can be little doubt that Apple would make a killing if they fully embraced the watch concept on their next go-around. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

Check out a full hands-on with the HD3 Slyde in the following link.

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