This Limited Edition Captain Phasma Watch Is Simply Gorgeous


If you’re like me, you probably don’t understand why people need fancy, expensive watches like Rolexes. I mean, it’s a watch. It tells time. Who needs to spend $5k on that?

At least, that’s how I felt before I saw this gorgeous Captain Phasma watch by Hong Kong-based watchmaker Memorigin.

Limited to just 200 pieces and priced at $5500, the face is designed to invoke our favorite chrome-plated First Order Captain in all her glory. It has 12 black diamonds as the hour markers, a black-and-red leather strap, and the back is made of sapphire crystal glass so you can see the inner workings of this beauty.

Take a closer look in the pics below.

phasma watch 3

phasma watch

(via CBR)


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