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Woman Celebrates Her Divorce With a Shocking Full Body Tattoo

Jacqui Lavis’ ex-husband must have been a real dickhole, because this is what she did to celebrate her divorce.

But it gets more interesting.

She initially went to the tattoo parlor expecting to get a simple tattoo to celebrate her freedom, but she ended up falling in love with her tattoo artist, and he’s been inking her ever since. That’s going on eight years now.

Her decision will make a little more sense after you see the picture after the break.

Obviously, that’s her boyfriend/tatoo artist “Curly”. I’m sure you can see where her idea for this extreme tattoo came from.

She said: ‘Some are very nice while I get a lot of funny looks from other people. Some even tell me I look disgusting. But I am proud of my body, I see it as a work of art.’

(via Metro)


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