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creepy scarecrow

Makeup artist Promise Tamang has put together a tutorial that will transform you into a creepy scarecrow for Halloween. The tutorial is fairly simple but, as you can see, the results are fantastic.

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star wars bags

Writer, podcaster and all around geek girl Holly Frey likes to get crafty over on the Star Wars site from time to time. This time around, she’s put together a tutorial on how to make your own Star Wars bags.

The tutorial gives you details on how to make three different Star Wars bags featuring R2, Ahsoka, and the Rebels.

You can check out her full tutorial at the Star Wars blog.

mickey ice cream bar nail art_header

The Mickey ice cream bar is a favorite treat of many Disney theme park attendees. It’s cool, it’s chocolatey, and pretty much perfect. A new nail art tutorial from Disney will show you how to add the snack to your fingernails with ease. You only need brown and white nail polish, toothpicks, and patience. If you’re successful with adding Mickey ice cream bars to your nails, remember not to bite them!

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blademaster costume 1

The game Monster Hunter was released by Capcom about ten years ago for the Playstation 2. One of the best sets of armor in the game is the Barioth armor, and Instructables user MandaBear put together a detailed how-to on creating it. She used resin, wonderflex, Barge, and more to create the armor portion. The supply list gets even longer once you add in the fabric portion of the costume. She gathered as many reference photos as possible and dove in.

The build process for the entire costume is technical but fascinating. You can tell she put a lot of effort and time into it by looking at the image of the finished costume. Her advice is helpful for any cosplayer, regardless of whether you’re making a character from Monster Hunter or not.

See more photos of the costume after the break.

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burned paper nails

Whether you want to protest banned books or just want nail art that looks really cool and different, these Burned Paper nails should do the trick. Basically, it involves soaking newspaper in alcohol and transferring the text onto your nails atop a coat of light nude polish. The burn marks are painted in and sealed with a matte topcoat.

Head on over to Glitter Fingersss for the complete tutorial.

(via Boing Boing)

super mario shirt main

While the fashion world has definitely opened up to a variety of geek fashion, there are still lots of clothes we may wish we had but can’t buy off the rack.

Say, for instance, this stylish Super Mario shirt.

Instructables contributor mactothefuture not only made it, but has given the world a tutorial on how to make you own, right down to custom printing the fabric, which opens up the possibility to anything you can imagine.

For now, you admire the keen style and epic nature of this Super Mario shirt in more pictures after the break.

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the book of cosplay armor making

Svetlana Quindt is the name behind the face of Kamui Cosplay and she’s also one heck of a cosplay armor maker.

When you can take something that looks like a roll of butcher paper (it’s actually a modelling and crafting thermoplastic called Worbla) and turn it into a set of armor and some kickass weapons — well, you have the kind of skill and patience to teach others as long as you’re willing to share your tricks of the trade.

In this case, Svetlana is willing and she’s written an e-book, which is available for download now.

Take the time to check out pictures of her work after the break. The word “astonishing” doesn’t cover it.

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meagan marie

Cosplayer Meagan Marie posted this makeup tutorial recently in response to the numerous times she’s been asked how to do makeup for her “battle hardened” costumes like Warrior Wonder Woman, Anya Stroud, Gabrielle Belmont, and more.

This 15 minute video has a great breakdown on what products she uses and how she applies them.

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Monsters never go out of style, and you can celebrate the classic look by making a reversible hat and scarf that feature a different monster on each side of the fabric. Instructables user Klix Creations goes over what you need and how to assemble the comfy and scary set. It does involve a sewing machine, embroidery, and time but it’s definitely doable.

See the other side of the hat and scarf after the break.

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Since My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic skyrocketed in popularity there have been more and more pony costumes at conventions. Cosplayers go all out with wigs, tails, ears, and cutie marks, but they don’t always change the make-up on their face. Let this amazing how-to video be your inspiration!

Jen applies Rainbow Dash’s colors to her eyes, and it goes perfectly with her My Little Pony hoodie

See a couple close-ups and watch the tutorial after the break!

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