roller derby superheroes

I have to say, we are really digging this burgeoning roller derby cosplay trend.

That having been said, these ladies put an excellent spin on the art of Danielle Gransaull.

Wonder Woman: A to Z Cosplay
Batgirl: Brittnie Jade
Supergirl: Leaping Lizard Cosplay

Photographer: Short Fuse Pinups

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Here’s a very comfy and cute way to dress up like your favorite superheroine. You can choose from Batgirl, Supergirl, or Wonder Woman in a caped romper design. The capes attach at the shoulder with buttons and Wonder Woman and Batgirl also get a hood to complete the look. There’s also one for Harley Quinn if you want to channel your inner crazy villain.

See the Harely romper after the break.

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Photo Credit: Saffels

Wonder Woman Cosplay: Chubear Cosplay

Supergirl Cosplay: Stella Chuu

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batgirl and supergirl new costume

DC Comics is taking Batgirl in a new direction this October, and as a result, the character’s getting a makeover. Artist Mike Maihack has done a few adorable comics featuring Batgirl and Supergirl, and Kara’s been known to give Babs a hard time about her lack of costume changes. So, it’s only fitting that Supergirl is incredibly excited about her friend’s new look.

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rule 63 powergirl 1

Over the past five years, it seems like the number of women cosplaying as male characters has been increasing. Though men have also been doing gender-swapped cosplay, I’ve seen more and more examples lately, and I love it. Test Subject B Cosplay wore his Power Girl ensemble at FanimeCon recently and rocked it. I think he gets extra points for leaving the trademark chest window in the costume.

Photo by Ben Rogers Photography, Power Girl on the right cosplayed by Gravimetric Rush.

More photos of rule 63 Power Girl and Supergirl after the break.

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We’ve featured backpacks and shirts from muz designs by Mark Munoz in the past, and now he’s got some new shirts that you’re going to want to buy right now. There’s Robin, Robin and Batgirl, and the Old Gotham Diner with Batgirl and Supergirl just kicking back and relaxing.

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The DC Comics line of Bombshells collectibles is nothing short of beautiful, and I like the different spin the statues put on each character. The costumes are drool-worthy. We’ve seen takes on Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, and now cosplayer SpacePizza has shown off her DC Bombshells Supergirl. I pretty much love everything about this look. From the colors to the boots to the scarf and oh my goodness, those gloves! She looks stunning.

Photos by Indiglue.

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We’ve posted this fantastic Robin Sling Backpack from Mark Munoz before, so we’re already fans. So when he tipped us to his newest design, we definitely wanted to share it.

This ‘Old Gotham Diner’ v-neck is available now. Check out a close-up after the break…

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supergirl costumes

These variations of Supergirl’s costume are the work of Cory J. Walker. He’s come up with all sorts of interesting ideas from a short skirt to a leotard to pants. It’s interesting to see how different the designs are while still keeping things very much Supergirl.

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girls in superhero costumes

It’s fun to see little girls in costumes, and I’m thrilled that I’m seeing more variety than ever in their choices. This trio of adorable was spotted at Cincinnati Comic Expo over the weekend. You’ve got Supergirl, Phoenix, and Ms. Marvel, and I don’t think they could be more fabulous. They were even adding their own “Pow” sound effects.

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(via Thom Zahler)