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Living Dead Clothing is ready to go Sailor Moon punk again with the Punk Moon 2.0 collection. New Rainmakers and skater dresses make up most of the items, but there’s a punk kitty bag in here that needs a forever home.

The designs are fantastic, so it’s just figuring out if you want the top or the dress. Or both. Both is good. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


One of the things that makes Guardians Of The Galaxy such a great movie, in my opinion, is just how visual it is. Even if you put aside the characters, action, music, and story, it would still be an amazing movie to just…look at.

Maybe that’s why this new Guardians collection from Living Dead is so eyecatching. They’ve taken iconic imagery and turned it into fashion that’s sleek and sexy. From the Star-Lord leggings, to the Groot skater dress, there’s a little something here for everyone to enjoy.

Head after the break to see more of this stunning collection.

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skellington skater

I officially envy anyone who can wear skater dresses because this new The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington cosplay skater dress from Hot Topic is just adorable.

I’m also guessing you could wear a pair of dress pants with it, which lets you NBX cosplay for just about any occasion.

It comes in sizes XS to 3X and is in stock now.

Product Page: ($34.50)

Sailor Scout dresses

Dressing like one of the Sailor Scouts just got a whole lot easier thanks to Living Dead Clothing. They’re launching a series of skater dresses inspired by the characters of Sailor Moon this Friday, July 4th, at 9:00am AEST. The nylon designs look lightweight and comfortable and are great examples of everyday cosplay. Be sure to head to Living Dead Clothing’s site to get your order in!

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