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Scissors Cuts Paper

Woah! Rock, paper, scissors just got real.

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Realizing that they should parlay their feud into a career, rock, paper and scissors decided to become luchadors and settle their differences in the ring.

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“T-Post” is a wearable magazine that supplies its subscribers with a different t-shirt every six weeks. Printed on the inside of each shirt is a news article about a particular current event, on the outside is graphic art used to give it a unique visual interpretation.

If you’re a subscriber, you’ve already been hooked up with this t-shirt which uses augmented reality and a webcam to allow you to play rock, paper, scissors with an ultra-competitive extra limb that lives in your chest. Check out the video above to see the shirt in action.

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Rock must be a bit of a bully to always beat scissors when he knows he can’t lose. His shame is clearly evident on this shirt by his desire to have no one know what really happened.

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The game of rock-paper-scissors has been around for far too long without being updated. Adding Spock and lizard as valid entries opens the whole game up, but it is only fun if everyone knows the rules. Just think of yourself as the new ambassador of the game when you wear this shirt that shows all the interconnected relationships. My favorite has to be that paper disproves Spock.

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Poor rock thought he had the match won when paper comes flying in from nowhere. What is this, a tag team match? If paper isn’t careful, the scissors may exact revenge on someone he can beat.There is just a lot of action on this shirt for three simple objects.

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Designers Thomas Jaillot and Marco De Michelis are planning on unveiling the “Paper Cuts” bracelet sometime this week for the new Toy-Me collection. From the teaser:

“Paris designer Thomas Jaillot together with Marco De Michelis will introduce a Silver Scissor that wraps around your wrist and mixes with paper art transformations into silver, Origami earrings and a Paper Windmill charm and Earing.”

It is unconventional, that’s for sure, but it definitely works.

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