Etsy seller ClawedByBennie sells blood drip press on nails that look dramatic and inconvenient. [click to continue…]


BB-8 has already captured everyone’s hearts even though Star Wars: The Force Awakens is still months away from hitting theaters. Nail artist Kayleigh O’Connor has done a 3D version of the little guy in this themed nail art she designed for Star Wars Day. Looks like the perfect manicure for attending the debut. I mean, you probably don’t need your thumb to pick up the tickets.

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It’s a thing that nail polishes have to have cool names. Companies get pretty creative, but this lot is one of our favorites.

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Sephora’s Formula X polish has fun science-themed names like Fine Like Einstein, Naughty Newton, and Hubba Hubble.

Product Page ($12.90 AsapScience Twitter via The Mary Sue)


This incredible nail art is the work of Break Rules, Not Nails who has designed the perfect nails for all you IT folks. What makes these designs really pop is that it’s not just polish, but polish combined with circuits pulled from old mobile phones.

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Your nails will look like miniature circuit boards with this nail art by The Nalasaurus. It’s a combination of a regular coat of polish and stamping. The stamping is what adds the circuit board design to complete the look.

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Created by The Nailasaurus.


In honor of Star Wars Day yesterday, the Nailasaurus featured some new Star Wars nail art. I don’t know a whole lot about painting nails, but I have to say that this nail art looks pretty darn cool. As you can see, she painted some stars, as well as Luke’s two favorite droids: R2-D2 and C-3PO.

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This fantastic Captain America: The Winter Soldier nail art was posted over at Amateur Manicure in honor of the movie’s release. Her goal was to capture the looks of Captain America (index/middle/ring), Black Widow (pinky), and The Winter Soldier (thumb) all together. The finished manicure is just beautiful.

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If you love putting googly eyes on everything as part of Bonnie Burton and Anne Wheaton’s VandalEyes hijinks, then Espionage Cosmetics has the perfect line of nail wraps for you! The company has joined forces with the geeky women for a new collection inspired by VandalEyes.

It features two different sets: one colorful, glitter set with eyes that glow in the dark and another black and white set with eyes all over. The wraps are available for preorder now and will be shipped in early April.

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Nailasaurus has already designed some fantastic nail art based on The Lego Movie and now she’s added on one more character. This time it’s Unikitty in all her pink and pastel glory, complete with a few glittery nails for extra punch.

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