monsters inc

kitty shirt deals

Both of these shirts are on sale for $11 today only, but which one will it be? The Hello Kitty / Monsters Inc mashup or the ThunderCats / Lion King version?

Product Page ($11)

monsters inc hoodie

Mike Wazowski! Boo latched onto the one-eyed green monster in Monsters, Inc. and so did we. He’s funny, charming, and reluctantly brave. Be just like him without undergoing an extreme makeover – all you need to do is put on this cozy hoodie.

To completely sell the look, find a friend to wear a furry blue Sully suit. If no one’s willing, just carry around a toy-sized version of the lovable monster in your pocket.

Product Page ($60)

doctors inc

Doctor Who mashed-up with Monsters Inc. That’s a new one. Grab it today for $12 before the price goes up tomorrow!

Product Page ($12)

Monsters Inc. Tattoo

Amazing Monsters Inc. tattoo by the legendary Nikko Hurtado.

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Here’s a mashup you don’t see everyday—Labyrinth and Monsters Inc. It’s also available at a price you don’t see everyday—only $10. Better hurry though, the deal ends tomorrow!

Product Page ($10/Today Only)

Boo and Chew

Sulley and Boo from Monsters, Inc. mashed up with Leia and Chew. If you dig the shirt, make sure to pick it up. Artist James Hance can use all the help he can get to help his daughter.

Product Page ($25 via Shirtoid)