Millennium Falcon


Five-year-old Sebastian Bailey definitely had the coolest costume on the block this Halloween. The Baileys are pretty well known in their neck of the woods for creating great Halloween costumes, and this year the family made Sebastian–who has cerebral palsy–a stellar Millennium Falcon costume.

The Baileys made the Falcon by hand, and it’s designed to wrap around Sebastian’s walker. It also features tons of LED lights, a cool glowing “propulsion system,” an audio unit that streams the Star Wars theme song, and a button that, when pressed by Han Sebastian, plays a clip of Han Solo’s voice.

Check out some more pics and a short video of Sebastian’s Falcon after the break…

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The Millennium Falcon, the USS Enterprise or Serenity–which ship do you think would win in a race? Sure, the Falcon made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, and the Enterprise has that powerful warp drive, but Serenity has a few sly tricks up her sleeve too (Crazy Ivan, anyone?), so it’s really up in the air (or in space).

Product Page: ($10.00-$13.00)

star wars ships necklace 2

Keep a Millennium Falcon, a TIE fighter, an X-wing, or a Star Destroyer close to your heart with the Star Wars edition of the Ships Happen series by Paul Michael Design. The chic necklaces feature the outlines of your favorite Star Wars ships in sterling silver. They’re not exactly subtle, but the simplicity of the cut and the silver finish means these necklaces would pair wonderfully with a little black dress.

See the rest of the Ships Happen series after the break.

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millenium falconry

A long time ago, in a world…I’m mixing my movie trailer catch phrases, but this Millennium Falconry tee is a fun play on words and a great design. I wonder how fast these birds can do the Kessel Run.

My Olde English is rusty, but it needs a motto like “She may not looketh like much, but she hath it where it doth matter.

Keep in mind that this shirt is 40% off through Saturday, November 29th. It will be 30% off on Sunday. Just use the code “BF2014” at checkout. When the Black Friday sales are over, it will be back up to $20.

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Han Falcon costume

You never know when you’re going to have to escape from the Empire, and this Han Solo cosplayer at New York Comic Con is ready to run at the first sign of trouble. He designed his outfit so that he has the Millennium Falcon and Chewbacca by his side at all times. Talk about being prepared!

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japanese vader a line dresses

This Darth Vader Japanese dress is adorable isn’t it? If the Dark Side isn’t your thing, you can also show off your favorite ship with the Millennium Falcon Ladies A-line dress.

Head after the break for a look at the Falcon A-Line.

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millennium falcon ring

With this new Millennium Falcon ring creation, Paul Michael Designs might erase the line “she might not look like much…” from Star Wars lexicon. Because holy Ewoks, this is a beautiful and clever design. A ring is already the right shape to look like the spaceship, and the cockpit looks like a natural extension. I love that it’s available in three different metals and with different stones.

(via Paul Michael Designs)

star wars backpack 1

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts… actually, this Millennium Falcon backpack can’t be called a hunk of junk. It’s a cool new design from Bioworld featuring the iconic spaceship, and it’s even got the Rebel Alliance symbol on the back.

And it’s not their only new Star Wars backpack! They’ve also got a classy Boba Fett backpack and a Chewbacca messenger style backpack. How many bags is too many for me to own?

Check out Boba Fett and Chewie bags after the break.

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millennium falcon x-wing skirt

Her Universe has teased some fabulous Star Wars products over the last few months, and one of them is finally here! Just look at this beautiful contour skirt. I love A-lines and fit and flare dresses, but it’s nice to have a pencil style skirt in the mix. It features an X-wing and the Millennium Falcon and even a TIE Fighter in the background. Based on other photos I’ve seen, I don’t think the dress is as short as it looks in the photo – unless of course, you’re really tall.

Product Page ($16.88)

her universe millennium falcon pencil skirt

It’s such a good time to be a geek girl. There are more nerdy products than ever being made specifically for women, and we can thank Her Universe for helping in that department. Ashley recently posted a tease of a new skirt that’s coming soon for Hot Topic, and I want to reach through my screen and steal it. It’s a Star Wars pencil skirt with the Millennium Falcon and X-wings?! Be still, my heart.

(via Her Universe)