McCall’s has been adding new patterns to their cosplay collection at a steady pace for over a year now. Many of the designs have been bold to say the least, but their latest additions are especially unique. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]

McCall’s cosplay pattern lineup continues to grow with three new additions: Red Reign, Cloak-Phantasy, and Eventide. Take a closer look at the designs below. [click to continue…]

McCall’s has added two new patterns to their cosplay lineup. If you’re a DIYer with some imagination, you’ll want to check out “Abigail” and “Hat Madders”. [click to continue…]

McCall’s has added two new designs in their cosplay pattern lineup: Wayfaress and Thirst. [click to continue…]

McCall’s has launched two new options in their cosplay pattern lineup: Ribbon Candy and Victor. [click to continue…]

McCall’s has sent us the details on two new versatile patterns in their cosplay lineup: HITCHED And PRELUDE. [click to continue…]


Well, it doesn’t HAVE to be creepy, but I can definitely see that potential.

The two new patterns in McCall’s cosplay lineup are Papillon and Manikin:

M2084 Papillon This is the latest design ifrom Seattle Cosplay.
This versatile double breasted coat has two different views, for two completely different looks. The swallow tail coat can be modified forArtistocrat Fashion, oji(or sometimes ouji), a Prince or Elegant Goth. This is also perfect for any Romantic Goth character, vampire, or just a great addition to your Steampunk wardrobe. The second view, which is featured on the back cover of the envelope is a beautifully feminine in an elegant silk duponi with black lace details. This version is also great for any steampunk looks.

M2035 Manikin.
This design has a lot of fun elements that you can use to achieve a look pretty look in the Lolita Fashion .The design has four different pieces; a dress, overskirt, blouse and bow.The blouse is very useful for all different and all the other pieces can also be modified for different types princesses, Alice in Wonderland and a variety of other characters. Make sure to take a close look at the photos-this design is chock full of little details, extra fancy lace, buttons, bows, charms. The more, the better.

Take a closer look at the designs below. [click to continue…]


McCall’s has informed us about the latest wave in their lineup of cosplay patterns. Presenting FATALE, ROVE And STASH:

M2083 Fatale. This pattern has 4 Easy Accessories-a Crown and Collar for a Mad Queen, Shoulder Armor fit for any fantasy character and cool leggings to complete a Steampunk or Burlesque ensemble.

M2070 Rove- This versatile design for Bolero Jackets has 6 different variations of collars and sleeves. This is great for so many cosplays; Anime, Gaming Characters, Steampunk and Diesel Punk. Mix and match any of the elements provided in this package.

M2071-Stash. Even Super Heros need to be organized. This pattern offers a collection of pouches and two belts to mix and match according to your character’s needs. Depending on what fabric is used this design can be used from Sci-Fi to Steampunk.

Take a closer look at the designs below. [click to continue…]


Actually, McCall’s has added two new cosplay patterns to their lineup, but we were especially taken with the beautiful kimono “Obi:Gado” version. Check out all of the details and additional pics below. [click to continue…]

sentinel renegade

The latest in McCall’s awesome lineup of cosplay patterns has arrived. Allow me to introduce you to “Renegade” and “Sentinel”.

Renegade M2069 You asked us, we answered! Our very first extended size Cosplay by McCall Pattern available in Sizes 18W-32W. This versatile design from Anachronism in Action includes an Underbust Corset, Halter and Belt. There are so many cool details on this pattern-intricate lacing on the back of the halter and glow in the dark piping on the Corset, Halter and Belt.

Sentinel M2080Become the Guardian of your own fantasy world with this new super detailed pattern. This design includes a Tunic, Vest, Hood and Bracers and has fun details that Cosmakers love. Check out the quilting on the vest and hood. The frog closures can be hand made, the bracers have painted detail and there is some cool beading trim on the hood. Your imagination is your limit with this design.

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