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Etsy seller TheRiceHatSamurai makes some gorgeous nerdy jewelry. Case in point—this handmade, Firefly-inspired Serenity ship necklace. It’s made from sterling silver, and it will set you back $170.

That’s not cheap, but you’ll need to pull off a lot more jobs to afford this version.

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This t-shirt takes the women of the Whedonverse and puts them all in one fantastic image. You’ve got Buffy, Zoe, Black Widow and more on a shirt full of women who could easily kick your ass.

Product Page ($24.54 via shirtoid)

You love him as Doctor Horrible and you love him as Barney Stinson. Now you can have a shirt with Neil Patrick Harris suiting up for both of these characters. One involves goggles and gloves and the other expensive ties and an overabundance of confidence, but both are absolutely fantastic.

Product Page ($24.54 via Shirtoid)

The only thing a cowboy loves more than his gun is his horse, as evidenced by this image of Captain Malcolm Reynolds (All Hail Captain Tightpants!) riding the Serenity like a horse. You just know that if he could have found a spacesuit and fashioned some reins he would have ridden around this way all the time.

Product Page ($12/Today Only)

10 of the greatest characters in the Whedonverse all on one shirt. The question is, which one is your favorite?

Product Page ($24.54 via Shirtoid)

Quantum Mechanix has just released their newest Dr. Horrible t-shirt and it’s all about Bad Horse.

With art by Megan Lara, this new tee is rather epic. Plus, how can you not want to wear a shirt that says “The reward is my hammer.” I mean, really. 😉

Product Page ($20)