gear necklaces

Kinekt caught our eye with their gear ring years ago, and they’ve released a new accessory that’s just as inventive. Their heart-shaped, stainless steel gear necklace has a ball chain threaded through three moveable gears.

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Former Etsy seller HotAirBalloonRide has designed some gorgeous steampunk heels. Yes, I’m going with the loose definition of steampunk. The back part of the shoes are covered with gears, and the heels and toes are illuminated with blue or red LEDs. They even have tubes to round out the design.

I think the heels would be cooler if the gears all actually turned and if they emitted steam as the wearer walked, but they look awesome without those features. It would also be neat if they were still available, but the Etsy shop seems to have gone out of business.

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I will be getting married later this year and looking for wedding bands is definitely on the to do list. If the Kinekt ring was made in some other material besides stainless steel I might actually consider it—only to be laughed at and shot down brutally by my fiancee. It’s probably just as well—I can see myself developing some sort of OCD disorder from obsessively playing with the working gears all day.

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