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Artist Camilla d’Errico’s adventurous pop surrealism has been seen everywhere: from convention halls to private galleries. Where some artists leave droplets that ripple onward to inspire, d’Errico has taken the reigns on where the inspiration from her art is directed by penning books on pop surrealism and encouraging a new generation of female artists to find their place in the world. Some of her biggest fans/clients include the likes of Stan Lee, Scream Queens’ Emma Roberts, Geek & Sundry’s Felicia Day, and legendary author Neil Gaiman to name a few.

Now d’Errico is branching out with a gorgeous eyewear collection in collaboration with Derek Cardigan.

We sat down with the artist to talk about the collection, her books, her inspirations and where things will go from here.

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As promised, we’ve collected more of your Halloween cosplay submissions into a second gallery! See the rest of our favorites after the break. And don’t forget—you can always submit your cosplay photos to

Game of Thrones Khaleesi cosplay submitted by Laura Pliskin.

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We saw tons of amazing cosplay at New York Comic Con 2012 with costumes covering everything you could imagine. Some were off the rack, others were the work of painstaking hours of sewing, and some were so crazy you weren’t sure what to think. No matter the kind of costume, cosplayers make the con and we’ve collected a few of our favorites right here.

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Fashionably Geek is in New York this weekend to bring you all of the cosplay, clothing and accessories from the New York Comic Con! Check out the gallery after the break as images will be uploaded continuously throughout the weekend.

We will also be bringing you news straight from the show floor, so stay tuned!

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Last week ThinkGeek sent us an unique new device that promised to “change the fabric of audio reality forever”—the Mega Stomp Panic. Simply put, it’s a device that straps to your waist and generates sounds with each step and stomp that you take. In other words, it gives your cosplay it’s own motion-based sound effects. The question is, does it actually work?

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Fashionably Geek is in Florida this week for Star Wars Celebration VI! You’ll be able to check out all the cosplay straight from the show floor in the galleries after the break. Check back often as photos will be added throughout the weekend.

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Fashionably Geek is at Gen Con 2012! Check this post throughout the weekend to see cosplay, continuously updated, straight from the show floor.

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People cosplay for a host of different reasons. For some, it’s about the craftsmanship and the satisfaction of making an exact replica of a favorite character’s costume. Some love to show off their creations to the crowds at conventions; they can’t get enough of getting their picture taken and talking to others about cosplay. More often, it’s a combination of those two motivations. For others though, it’s about more. Members of organizations across the country put on costumes for charity.

Imagine you’re a sick kid stuck in the hospital. You’re scared, and you aren’t able to leave the confines of the ward much if at all. But Star Wars helps you to forget about these problems for a little while. You’ve seen the movies as many times as your parents let you, you have piles of the toys, and you like to pretend you’re a Jedi. Now imagine characters from your beloved saga show up in your hospital wing. Jedi, Stormtroopers, Yoda, and even Darth Vader are suddenly real and in front of your eyes.

Yeah, that would be a big freaking deal.

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Nerds like us don’t venture out all that much, but if you’re forced to leave the basement — and it’s cold outside — you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of clothing options like these that are warm, functional and stylish.

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Love is in the air. You met the perfect person at the comic book store. You both reached for the latest issue of Hellboy at exactly the same time. Several passionate rants about the changes in the Star Wars movies, multiple discussions about the best version of Dungeons and Dragons, and one Doctor Who marathon later, you’ve decided it was meant to be. You’re taking the plunge, and you’ve decided to weave your love for all things nerdy into your wedding day. Chances are the latest issue of Brides magazine isn’t going to give you the right kind of inspiration or the best resources. Since ads for custom wedding lightsabers don’t tend to find their way into the pages of mainstream planning magazines, you have to look outside the white, lacy box. We’re here to help.

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