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Guardians of the Galaxy has only been in theaters for a few days, but even before it hit the big screen, people were cosplaying the characters. Designer Sara Richard was inspired to create some very high fashion versions of both Groot and Rocket Raccoon, and she gave them yet another twist by making them women. The results are beautiful. Somebody, go cosplay these!

Check out Sara’s site for more amazing pop culture fashion designs.

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her universe

Her Universe has released info on the seriously awesome geek fashions they’re debuting this year at SDCC.

With licenses like Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Walking Dead and Transformers, they’ll be offering several new designs along with dresses, cardigans, fashion tops and much more. In addition, they’ll be selling the new Nerdist Ultimate Convention Hoodie.

For those of you with a passion for jewelry, the Star Wars by Her Universe R2-D2 My Hero Jewelry Collection is making its convention debut as well.

Plus, they’re giving away a free Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy slap bracelet with every purchase made at the Her Universe booth located in the Lucasfilm Pavilion, #2913-E.

Head after the break to see pictures of what’ll be available at the show (and stay tuned as we will be covering the Her Universe fashion show in person at SDCC).

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People of all ages and genders like Disney, so it only makes sense that there would be clothing for men inspired by Ariel and her friends. British designer Bobby Abley has come up with an entire collection for dudes featuring characters from The Little Mermaid. The sweatshirts and t-shirts in the line feature the likes of Sebastian, Ursula, and yes, even Ariel’s seashells. Abley used iridescent fabrics to keep the under the sea vibe. The collection will be out in 2015.

See more Little Mermaid-inspired attire (and a skateboard) after the break.

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jem yoga pants

I’m not sure if these go in the “want!” or “NEED!” category, but they definitely go in the “awesome yoga pants” category and will showcase your love for Jem while you’re rocking a Feathered Peacock pose.

They’re in stock now and come in sizes small to 2XL.

Product Page ($42)

nano block lego glasses

If you like building and you want something more than your everyday kind of boring sunglasses, these Nanaoblock sunglasses may be your ticket to cool, fun, playable fashion.

These sunglasses are compatible with Nanoblocks and have pegs all over them for lots of building opportunities.

We found a pretty good variety of sunglasses on Amazon for approximately $45.

(via Technabob)

Kirsten Dunst won all the geek fashion awards by wearing this beautiful Rodarte Star Wars dress to the Met Gala over the weekend.

You may remember seeing this dress on the runway recently as part of Rodarte’s Fall/Winter collection and, judging by the tweets, Kirsten’s dress was a huge hit.

Check out an additional pic after the break…

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dragoon 2

Fantasy costumes don’t have to be based on specific characters – it’s a blast to come up with original designs. Lillyxandra of Firefly Path loves thinking about different looks and imagining what those around her would like in fantastical apparel. She came up with a Dragoon Warrior Collection to capture the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water. There are reds, blacks, and some crazy cool wings. Each of these outfits look fierce.

Photos by Indigoverse Productions, collection modeled by FantasyNinja and Laura.

More of the designs after the break.

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direwolf leggings

We have another entrant in the “makers of very cool leggings” department. These Game Of Thrones inspired leggings by Poprageous are made in Los Angeles and “sweatshop free” according to their site. Poprageous owner Cher also says they’re constantly on the look out for new designs inspired by art and pop culture.

Head after the break for more of the legging designs.

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Maleficent  batwing pullover

There was a point there when I began to despair for Hot Topic because there was absolutely nothing I wanted, but now I’m worried because they have so much stuff I want that they’re going to make me broke!

They’ve already created some gorgeous Disney items, but this time they’ve partnered with Disney on a Maleficent clothing line that is more about fashion inspired by the movie than branded merchandise and, I have to say, I like it. Especially the Batwing pullover hoodie.

Lots of pictures after the break.

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super mario shirt main

While the fashion world has definitely opened up to a variety of geek fashion, there are still lots of clothes we may wish we had but can’t buy off the rack.

Say, for instance, this stylish Super Mario shirt.

Instructables contributor mactothefuture not only made it, but has given the world a tutorial on how to make you own, right down to custom printing the fabric, which opens up the possibility to anything you can imagine.

For now, you admire the keen style and epic nature of this Super Mario shirt in more pictures after the break.

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