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We just can’t get enough of the Guardians of The Galaxy, so imagine our excitement when we discovered this new makeup collection inspired by the quirky team of heroes! The line was created by Geek Chic Cosmetics who named it rather appropriately “Awesome Mix.” It features six eyeshadows inspired by the film. The colors include “I Am Groot”, “Deadliest Woman In The Universe”, and “My Prince, My Starlord”. In these colors we can all save the universe and look good doing it too!

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haunted mansion makeup 1

Disney Park’s Haunted Mansion attraction has an enthusiastic following, and I admit I’m one of its fans. Haunted Mansion related merchandise gives me hot and cold running chills, and a new makeup line inspired by the spooky ride almost made me fall over and join the happy haunts. Disney recently showed off the first look at the newest Beautifully Disney collection, and it features nail polish, lipstick, and eye shadows inspired by the ride.

The above photo shows of the mini nail polish that comes with appliques featuring symbols and characters from the Haunted Mansion. The colors are: ‘Wall to Wall Creeps,’ ‘Hurry Back,’ ‘Doom Buddies’ and ‘Three Thumbs Up.’ Ahhh. We need all of it, precious.

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NBC’s Hannibal has become one of the most popular shows on TV with a dedicated following of fans hungry to get their fill every episode. With the season finale airing last night, fannibals now have to wait a few months before they can find out what happens next. Luckily they can still satisfy their craving for Hannibal thanks to a new line of cosmetics by Aromaleigh titled “This is my Design.”

Aromaleigh decided to try a new approach with this Hannibal-inspired collection by releasing one to three new colors each week the show aired. Their goal was to release 20 shades by the finale but now they plan to continue and surpass that, creating a colelction of about 24 to 30 colors.

The colors released so far include Ripper, Cygnus, and Feast. They’re beautiful shades that mirror the artistic look of the show. For the season finale they released two new shadows titled Phoenix and Bone Arena.

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espionage curses collection 1

The science fiction genre has not only provided us with a wealth of rich stories and characters, it’s also given us some choice curse words. Espionage Cosmetics has added a new series to their already awesome offerings: the Curses! Collection. The pots of cosmetic grade glitter are named: ZARK!, FRELL!, FRAK!, and GORRAM! I love the vivid, eye-popping colors and that I’d be able to say I’m wearing the color Gorram.

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Espionage Cosmetics’ Gamer Girl Special Edition ($35).

One of the best things about being a geek is finding fun and fashionable ways to express your passion for a fandom. You can wear bright, colorful leggings or a classy character dress and everyone will know what you’re interested in. If you want a more subtle way to do this though, you have an option: geeky cosmetics.

Recently there have been more eye shadows, lip glosses, nail wraps, and other cosmetics with geeky themes popping up then ever before. Thankfully, a lot of these products aren’t just a stock color with a franchise name slapped on it. Companies are taking the time and putting lots of effort into developing products that represent their inspiration well and resonate with fans.

If you want to know how they do it, we spoke with Geek Chic Cosmetics and Espionage Cosmetics about how they develop their geek-inspired collections. Learn more about the process, find makeup tips, and discover other places you can fulfill your geeky cosmetics needs after the break.

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From cosplay to t-shirts, since the release of Disney’s Frozen we’ve seen some amazing fashions inspired by the film’s characters Elsa and Anna. Now Espionage Cosmetics is offering a more subtle way for you to add a little Frozen to your look with a new Elsa-inspired custom collection.

There are four colors in the collection: Reaver Red and Sudden but Inevitable from the Browncoats Collection, Astral Plane from the Paranormal Collection, and KAPOW! from the Comic Book Collection.

Find out how you can get the Elsa look with Espionage’s step-by-step pictorial after the break!

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galaxy chic eye shadow

I’m a sucker for cosmetics with geeky names, so the manufacturers of this space-themed eyeshadow palette pretty much saw me coming. BH Cosmetics named their line of richly colored and baked eyeshadows after locations and phenomenons across the galaxy such as Jupiter, Venus, and asteroids. They’ve also given the set a very appropriate name: “Galaxy Chic.”

The set of 18 colors is only $15… which means it’s going on my shopping list.

Check out more photos of the sparkly shadow after the break.

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frozen eye makeup

Elsa and Anna, the sisters of Disney’s Frozen, have distinct looks and styles. Talented makeup artist Tal Peleg (the genius behind the Heisenberg eye shadow art) came up with these gorgeous designs based on the characters. I’m amazed at the details and precision. Elsa’s eye shadow is all blues and sparkle, while Anna’s is brighter and more warm with purples and golds. This makeup would be really fun to pair with outfits inspired by the princesses.

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Here’s the perfect product for those of you who love Nicolas Cage. I mean looooove the man above all other things. You’re the person who bought this Nicolas Cage Morph Suit and now you need something a little more business casual rather than crazed fan. That’s when you can break out this glittery Nicolas Cage Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon eye shadow. And while you’re at it, you can even dab a little of the matching scented oil behind your ears.

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nerdy nail polish 1

While I wandered the exhibit hall at New York Comic Con, nail polish caught my eye. Even though I don’t paint my fingernails on a regular basis, I can’t resist looking at beautiful polish blends – and Fandom Cosmetics has tons of them. Their line includes a staggering number of fandoms from The Avengers to Lord of the Rings to Once Upon a Time to Supernatural. I had to buy their black and sparkly Impala inspired nail polish called “Dean’s Baby.” Though several of their offerings include glitter, there are lacquers as well.

And if you can’t be bothered with nail polish, they also make vivid eye shadow palettes. I have a feeling I’m going to be purchasing many gifts from them for the holidays.

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