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People have a love hate relationship with Ewoks. Even if the furry little creatures annoy the bejeezus out of you, you can’t deny they’re a tiny bit cute. They do have the teddy bear vibe going for them after all. This handmade hat by Etsy seller Mary Originals has all the adorable features, and it’s sized for kids and small adults.

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You think this cat looks unhappy but really, it’s thrilled to be dressed like an Ewok and hasn’t figured out the proper way to express the overwhelming feelings of joy yet. Just kidding. That cat is totally going to claw out eyeballs when its human falls asleep.

Instructables user Carlson Bryant has laid out a step by step tutorial for creating Ewok cat hats just in case you’d like to show your furry felines the same amount of love. You don’t need tons of supplies – just leather, twine, leather cord, scissors, and a leather punch. He shows you what the pattern pieces look like and how to lace them together. Kitties don’t have a choice about wearing it because they can’t untie the laces. Ha!

I know it seems cruel, but do you see how cute it could be? I think it’s completely worth having your cat hate you for a day. If you own multiple kitties, you should make each of them a hat.  You could have an army large enough to take down the Empire!

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If you think about it, the Ewoks fighting off the Empire is a little like the Spartans fighting off Xerxes’ army. They were the underdogs, and they were armed with spears. I’d have rather seen the Spartans in Return of the Jedi though instead of fuzzy teddy bears.

Despite my dislike for Ewoks, this is a cool t-shirt design.

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Keep warm with a Wampa rug that is.

Cosplayed by Karinna Atlee /Photographed by Robin Cook

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Whether you love Ewoks or loathe them, I think everyone will agree that this particular Ewok is cute as hell.

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Ewok PSA

Keep Endor beautiful—no funeral pyres in the woods.

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