Dresses and Skirts

The Dress Shop on Cherry Tree Lane at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World is now open for business! We got a peek at the retro styles available in the shop back in March, but Inside The Magic was on hand for the opening, and it looks even more spectacular than we expected. Take a closer look in the video below. [click to continue…]

This dress from Pigtails & Pirates is pure evil. Also purple. With a sweetheart style bodice. SO EVIL! You’ll be a walking nightmare. Jut be prepared to wait a bit as each dress is made to order. Yes, I am aware that villains such as yourself aren’t great with being patient, but that’s just how things are.

Evil Queens Dress (220AUD or $169 US)

Hot Topic has launched a Darth Vader-inspired sharkbite gown featuring silhouettes of Darth Vader’s TIE and the Death Star along with an organza overlay skirt mimics the shape of Vader’s helmet. You might want to add this gown to the list of nerdy options for prom.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, Hot Topic also launched the Her Universe Rey dress featuring an allover tonal speeder print. Take a closer look at the designs below. [click to continue…]

We just came across this Australian shop called Pigtails and Pirates and we are loving their colorful, retro, nerdy style. There are loads of styles inspired by Disney, Star Wars, Wonder Woman and more. And just look at the patterns! [click to continue…]

The bank accounts of stylish Disney fans are about to have a powerful new enemy in the form of The Dress Shop at Walt Disney World. [click to continue…]

Pinup Girl Clothing is releasing a skirt that recreates the cover of Love and Rockets #20! It appears that the design was done in collaboration with the Hernandez brothers, and should be available soon—which isn’t soon enough. [click to continue…]

You could do Xena cosplay like this, or do it the easy way with this skater dress and tee from Living Dead Clothing. [click to continue…]

We’ve seen plenty of fashions focused on space and the sciences, but these geology-themed fashions are a first. Plus, they’re very cute—particularly that a-line dress. [click to continue…]

It’s been some time since we last checked in on Firefly Path, but they’re still making some of the best custom fantasy gowns on the planet. Check out some recent designs below. [click to continue…]

Just look at how gorgeous these Snow White costumes are (those fabrics!). We haven’t checked in on Nephi Garcia aka Designer Daddy in some time, but it is clear that he’s still cranking out masterpieces. On that note, check out the Belle dress he recently completed below. [click to continue…]