build a bear

Hot Topic has partnered with Build-A-Bear for a ‘Furry N’ Fierce’ collection that features fashions for both you AND your bear. That’s adorable – but it gets better. Funko has also jumped into the partnership with a vinyl Furry N’ Fierce bear. That means you, your bear, and your bear’s bear can all wear matching outfits for an unprecedented three levels of coordination. [click to continue…]

build a bear batman and superman

In a fitting follow-up to this adorable Build A Bear Wonder Woman, Build-A-Bear Workshop is releasing new Superman and Batman bears, costumes, and even a bear-sized Batmobile.

I’d buy the Batmobile over anything, to be honest. If someone doesn’t make Wonder Woman drive that bad boy, life isn’t worth living anymore.

You can get the new bears and accessories at Build-A-Bear Workshops or online at

Check out the Batmobile and themed bears below.

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