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DC Comics is taking Batgirl in a new direction this October, and as a result, the character’s getting a makeover. Artist Mike Maihack has done a few adorable comics featuring Batgirl and Supergirl, and Kara’s been known to give Babs a hard time about her lack of costume changes. So, it’s only fitting that Supergirl is incredibly excited about her friend’s new look.

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batgirl docs

If you’re already looking to put together a Batgirl cosplay based on the new costume design change, we may have you covered on the boots. Dr. Martens has this great pair of yellow boots that look like they’d be a perfect match.

Plus they’re currently on sale with free standard shipping in the US.

It’s the traditional 1460 8-eye boot, with laces, but it’s completely waterproof and made of vulcanized natural rubber, so they’d be perfect crime fighting boots or just good for jumping in the rain.

Product Page: $60 ($48 with discount code TAKE20SALE via So Geek Chic)


The creative team behind Batgirl is changing up and the character is getting a new costume to match. Gail Simone is moving on with Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher taking over writing while Babs Tarr takes on drawing. Batgirl’s look gets a nice update with some chunky yellow boots and a slick leather (not spandex!) jacket that cosplayers will likely jump all over.

The first issue with the new look (#35) hits shelves this October. Check out an interview with the team on MTV.

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DC Batman tattoo

Tattoo by Adam Miller.

(via FYeah Tattoos)


We’ve featured backpacks and shirts from muz designs by Mark Munoz in the past, and now he’s got some new shirts that you’re going to want to buy right now. There’s Robin, Robin and Batgirl, and the Old Gotham Diner with Batgirl and Supergirl just kicking back and relaxing.

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We’ve posted this fantastic Robin Sling Backpack from Mark Munoz before, so we’re already fans. So when he tipped us to his newest design, we definitely wanted to share it.

This ‘Old Gotham Diner’ v-neck is available now. Check out a close-up after the break…

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These gorgeous Bat Family Quoted hoodies feature Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood and Nightwing. Each is handmade from cotton jersey and features a special zipper pull made to look like each character’s mask and the bright, bold colors of their costumes.

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Sometimes, it’s easiest to just shut up and let the pictures do the talking.

Cause, wow.

Behold, Gore Core Kitty in her Cassandra Cain Batgirl cosplay from Anime Expo ‘13.

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Check out this cool Batgirl cosplay featuring cosplayer Crystal Quin. It’s hard to believe, but her costume is actually just body paint! It would probably do very little to protect her in battle, but at least it looks pretty cool.

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Wearing a tutu will make pretty much anyone feel like a princess, but only these can make you feel like a princess and a superheroine at the same time. You can choose between Batgirl, Wonder Woman or Supergirl. They run about 15″ long, except for Batgirl which is only 11″ long, and are one size fits most.

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