After several unfortunate injuries, Hogwarts has ceased sending acceptance backpacks in favor of these compact Owl Post dome bags. They should probably go back to the original letter—or a slim wallet at least. [click to continue…]

The illustrator known as Enerjax has a Society6 page that is chock-full of nerdy goodness. His art is available on everything from t-shirts to pillows, but the tote bags really caught our eye. The wonderful Wonder Woman-inspired illustration is his latest work, but we’ve included some of our favorite designs inspired by Supernatural, Star Wars, Sherlock and more below. [click to continue…]

My guess is that you’ll get comments on this Tinker Bell bag at least once a day. How could you not? Look at it!

The bag is part of the quirky Danielle Nicole Disney collection. You can check out more bags like this at the Disney Store and Amazon. However, Box Lunch currently has the best price on some of the bags in the collection, including Tinker Bell ($55.92 – 20% off). [click to continue…]

I have to say—I love the look of this Pokémon Gyrados Tote from Loungefly. It features a Japanese art-inspired wave pattern with Magikarp and its Gyrados evolution. Plus, it’s pretty big at 13″ x 16″. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]

I can’t say that I was aware of Polly Pocket in the ’90s, but I’ll bet many of you have fond memories of this toy thing with the compacts and whatnot. Well guess what? You can relive those days as an adult with this new Polly Pocket purse. As you’ll see below, the interior of the purse is designed to look like the inside of a Polly Pocket case. [click to continue…]

As far as backpacks go, this mini version from Loungefly based on Mushu from Disney’s Mulan is stunning. Plus, there’s no leather involved, so your cow will not be dishonored. [click to continue…]

I believe we’ve found the perfect matching bag for the Breath of the Wild tunic dress and the cosplay t-shirt.

Whether you’re headed to school or on an adventure to save Hyrule, you’ll need a good pack for your belongings! Made of polyester, this sling style bag can convert between two carrying positions. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Mini Sling Bag measures approximately 9 1/2-inches wide x 11-inches tall x 6 1/2-inches long.

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Mini Sling Bag ($49.99)

Loungefly is adding yet another bag to their Star Wars lineup, and this time they’ve restricted the bold colors to the comic book logo design. However, they wen’t all out with the theme for the interior lining. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

We’ve seen molded Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shell backpacks like this before, but they’ve all been on the cartoon-y side. This new option from Bioworld is more realistic—maybe even TOO realistic. It’s more like straight up turtle cosplay without any identifying colors, nunchuck attachments, etc. That’s fine though—turtles without ninja skills are awesome too. [click to continue…]

Unlike some of the recent pastel Pokemon backpack designs from Loungefly, this Goldeen Mini Backpack has bold colors and a tropical vibe. [click to continue…]