Sarah Michelle Gellar’s birthday was in April, but she just shared a picture of the gift that her friends got her, noting that she’s “slightly obsessed” with it. There’s a very good reason for that… [click to continue…]

We first saw renderings of these Captain Marvel and Agent Carter bags from Loungefly back in November, but here they are in all their glory (hopefully we’ll see the Scarlet Witch and Black Widow versions soon. UPDATE: Here they are!). Aren’t they gorgeous? The bags are available to order now along with matching wallets. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]

We are absolutely obsessed with Bioworld bags—their Star Wars collection especially. Now they’re adding a Hoth-themed collection into the mix in two different flavors. The one featured above is based on Han Solo’s Hoth outfit while the range pictured below is based on the AT-AT drivers. [click to continue…]

Loungefly has recently unveiled some fantastic Star Wars and Pokemon mini backpacks, and now they’ve unveiled a cute Disney Princess design with a minimalist eyes and lips pattern. [click to continue…]

I hear that every member of the Galactic Empire motorcycle club is issued their choice of a denim crossbody bag or a matching wallet to go with the classic vest. They also get a nice gift basket filled with the Dark Side’s famous cookies. It’s a nice perk—makes you feel welcome. However, non-members can still own the bag and the wallet if they’re willing to buy them. [click to continue…]

The name “Reptar” is synonymous with high quality fictional chocolate bars and cereal, but now you can use him for cuddles and carrying your stuff thanks to this officially licensed Rugrats backpack. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

There is a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy Groot-themed merchandise out there, but this crossbody bag and wallet from Loungefly goes for classy instead of cute. The colors and the floral pattern style are actually quite lovely. Check out more angles below. [click to continue…]

The Jetpack Backpack

Unfortunately, this backpack from Sprayground isn’t a functional jetpack, which is probably just as well. I’m sure I would put it down somewhere and accidentally activate it—shooting my laptop into the stratosphere. [click to continue…]

Loungefly isn’t done with their Star Wars Celebration reveals. In addition to the 40th anniversary backpack that debuted yesterday, they’ve added these Rebel Cosplay and Vader Cosplay mini, faux leather backpacks. Let’s drool over them from multiple angles. [click to continue…]

Loungefly has unveiled a very limited edition Star Wars 40th Anniversary Backpack Set that includes a pencil case and button 3-pack. These are currently being sold at Star Wars Celebration and online at for $55 while supplies last. Take a closer look in the pics below. [click to continue…]