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Considering how much I love cute things from Japan (and everywhere else with impossibly cute things that you WANT), I’m completely smitten with a new subscription service called Kawaii Box.

Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box filled with 10 – 12 super adorable Japanese and Korean products. Coin purses, bangle bracelets, bedazzling kits, candy, pencils (OMG I HAVE SUCH A CUTE PENCIL FIXATION) and more in a neat little box.

Needless to say, it’s one of my favorite new discoveries right along with my new KBeauty boxes (I’ll tell you about those soon).

Subscriptions start as low as $17.90 a month (with free worldwide shipping) and they make it easy to both subscribe and cancel. I put a few pictures of the kinds of items you can expect below. You gotta take a peek. [click to continue…]


Maybe it’s just my utter love for hedgehogs talking, but this shirt is awesome.

I mean, I never thought about it this way, but it is kind of true. For once, I’m not thinking about Sonic—just little hedgehogs fighting sword battles.

The shirt comes in sizes S – 3X and it’s in stock now.

Product Page ($18.00)

adventure time cosplay tattoo

Dad Chris Daly sent us the picture of his Adventure Time Jake and Finn tattoo because it has a really cool story.

Two years ago, Chris and his son dressed up as the most adorable Jake and Finn ever. Everyone liked the picture so much that he decided to turn that cosplay moment into a tattoo.

Chris’ comment on the original pictures was that, while they may not be “serious cosplayers”, dad and son can have fun, too.

Well Chris, you may not be a serious cosplayer, but you’re a seriously cool dad and that is an awesome tattoo.

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gender bent cosplay

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baby bat in a batman sock

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superhero laundry day

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mini doc oc

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dany trains her dragon

I really didn’t realize I needed this How To Train Your Dragon/Game Of Thrones crossover tee until I saw it. Dany and Drogon look so adorable that it almost hurts my face from smiling.

Product Page: ($15 via Tee Craze)

king kitten t-shirt

This King Kitten t-shirt isn’t just a play on King Kong, it’s a thing of genius. I mean, think about it. If a kitten was this size, they’d absolutely climb tall buildings and swat at planes in the sky.

Plus, it would trigger the allergies of anyone in a 5 mile radius.

I wonder how you’d lure a giant kitten off the building? Maybe one of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons?

Either way, cute shirt.

Product Page: ($20 via Geek Alerts)