The Perfect Geeky Tees Make Awesome Holiday Gifts [Sponsored]

Looking for the most awesome collection of nerdy, geeky, pop-culture infused tees for that special geek in your life? Look no further than 604Republic. Here’s just sampling of the cottony awesomeness that awaits:

Beating a Game t-shirt
Remember the days when it was about more than just the achievement hording? We sure do. Play for the love of the games.

Red On You t-shirt
Let’s all go to the Winchester, we’ll take a shortcut. What’s the matter David? Never taken a shortcut before?

DeathstaR2-D2 t-shirt
This is what the Rebels should have done with those stolen plans.

Malvin & Cobbes t-shirt
They aim to misbehave.

Geeky and I know It t-shirt
If you’re geeky and you know it, you should share it with the world.


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