The New Harleen Collection Lets You Wear Many Layers Of Harley Quinn Style

harley hot topic

Hot Topic is giving Harley Quinn all sorts of fashion love with their new Harleen collection.

The new additions consist of two new Harley Quinn tank tops, a Harley themed cardigan, and a really cute pair of Harley Quinn red and black garter leggings. Everything looks like it’s made to work together or separately and it’s all in stock now.

Head after the break to see more pictures.





leggings 3

leggings two


Product Pages: DC Comics Harleen Collection Red And Black Garter Leggings ($21.20) / DC Comics Harleen Harley Quinn Girls Tank Top ($21.20) / DC Comics Harleen Harley Quinn Diamond Sublimation Girls Tank Top ($19.60) DC Comics Harleen Harley Quinn Cardigan ($35.60)


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