Light Up My Little Pony With WeLoveFine’s New LED Collection

Ponies like Rainbow Dash and DJ Pon-3 are flashy, and they deserve apparel that showcases their personalities. WeLoveFine has introduced a new line featuring these two ponies that will be sure to catch the attention of everyone who passes by: yes, they’ve created LED designs.

Their new LED collection is snazzy and fun. So far it includes a Rainbow Dash fleece scarf/hood, a DJ Pon-3 hoodie and t-shirt, and a Rainbow Dash bag and t-shirt. The tees have a feature that allows them to blink in time with the beat if music is playing nearby. They’re great to wear for nighttime safety and at conventions. I have to admit I couldn’t be around a lot of people wearing these shirts though; I’d get a headache.

Check out more blinking designs after the break.

Product Page ($25 and up)


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