Fashionable Gifts For Star Wars Fans [Feature]

Looking at all the available Star Wars merchandise on the market can be overwhelming. New t-shirts, accessories, jackets, jewelry, toys, and books are constantly being released. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the collector who’s a completist and needs one of everything. We’ve narrowed down the field to a selection of wonderful wearables and products for your enjoyment and convenience.

Get started on shopping for the Star Wars fan on your list with the gift ideas listed after the break.


Star Mugs
This shirt is adorable and features the most recognizable characters of the saga! $25 – WeLoveFine

Star Wars Japanese Symbols V-Neck
I think this v-neck tee is one of the classiest designs I’ve seen; it’s only available for the ladies. $28 – Her Universe

Vader Mows the Lawn
Seeing Vader perform mundane tasks like mowing the lawn is inexplicably hilarious. He also blows out candles and builds a snowman. $25 – WeLoveFine

Glow in the Dark Movie Poster Tee

Everything is cooler when it glows in the dark. $23.99 – Superhero Stuff

Jackets & Sweatshirts

Princess Leia Hoodie
This sweatshirt is soft and lets a lady dress like Leia without having to figure out how to make her hair into cinnamon buns. $60 – Her Universe

R2-D2 Jacket
Astromechs are surprisingly warm and chic. $129.50. Check out the complete Marc Ecko Star Wars lineup right here.

Chewbacca Fur Hoodie
Nothing keeps a person warm like a Wookiee; this hoodie is great for anyone who lives in colder climates. $80 – 80s Tees

Full Face Boba Fett Sweatshirt
You can’t go wrong gifting a Fett sweatshirt; this one’s a little bit like a costume and the wearer can zip up the front to hide his or her face. $69.99 – ThinkGeek


AT-AT Necklace
Laser cut Imperial Walkers never go out of style. $20 – Unpossible Cuts

Death Star Earrings
Fully operational battle stations make fantastic presents. $48 – Sudlow

Huttese Decoder Ring
This ring doesn’t just look cool, it’s also educational. Don’t you want a Huttese-speaking friend? $13.99 – Amazon

Hello Kitty Star Wars Charm Bracelet
Give this to someone who appreciates not only Star Wars but also cute things! $19.99 – Murals4U

Apparel for Ladies

Boba Fett Skirt
This bounty hunter skirt will go over well with darn near anyone, promise. $49.99 – Go Follow Rabbits (There’s also R2-D2 and Death Star skirts to choose from.)

Imperial Bikini
Entice the lady on your list to the Dark Side with this handmade string bikini! $45 – Fit 2 B Tied Clothing (Also available in a Rebel version.)

Star Wars Ruffle Skirt
I think this skirt is perfect for the lady who wants to show her geek at the office. It’s chic and not just to wear to conventions. $50 – Golden Lasso Designs

Star Wars Dresses, Bathing Suits and Leggings
Black Milk has a plethora of printed leggings, bathing suits, and dresses featuring all kinds of characters from the saga. They’re intense, but it’s hard to go wrong. $109 and up – Black Milk Clothing

Bags & Hats

Wampa Laplander
Nothing says love like buying someone a Wampa hat. $17.99 – Entertainment Earth

Star Wars Book Purse
This purse made from a recycled book cover is unique and fantastic. $47 – Novel Creations

R2-D2 Shoulder Bag
I can’t think of a Star Wars bag that would be better for using at a convention; this has plenty of room and will stand out in a crowd. $75 – Op Thread

AT-AT Backpack
Bags that are adorable and cuddly like this one win. $21.99 – ThinkGeek

Chewbacca Messenger Bag
The latest style from Kashyyyk! $74.99 – ThinkGeek

For The Kids

Self-Rescuing Princess
What girl doesn’t want to be a princess like this? $22 – Her Universe

Darth Vader & Son
What if Darth Vader had a son? Jeffery Brown imagines that in his illustrated book, and it’s absolutely delightful. $9.10 – Amazon

Hands Up Tee
For the kid who likes Star Wars and will understand why this shirt is funny. $20 – WeLoveFine

Chewbacca Talking Plush
This 15” Chewbacca is soft and chatty (he makes a good gift for adults too). $39.99 – ThinkGeek

Sleepy Time

Stormtrooper Bathrobe
The Star Wars fan can stay in costume even after he or she has stepped out of the shower. $69.99 – Check out the complete Star Wars bathrobe lineup on ThinkGeek.

Footie Pajamas
The person you purchase these pajamas for won’t need the Force – only the fleecy comfort of these pjs. $69 – Jumpin’ Jammerz

Star Wars Slippers
No one would be unhappy about receiving a pair of cozy slippers. No one. $7.99 – Sears

Darth Vader Pajama Pants
You normally don’t describe Darth Vader with the word cute, but it applies when discussing these cute pajama pants. $30 – Her Universe

For more ideas, check out our complete Star Wars coverage.

May the Force be with you and your wallet!


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