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8 Essential St. Patrick’s Day Garments and Accessories


Every year, a flood of St. Patrick’s Day-related clothing and accessories hit the market. These are 8 must-haves for any Irish drunk.


Irish Yoga T-Shirt: Forget Pilates, this is how the Irish attain Nirvana. $11


Beer Pouch Hoodie: Let your hoodie hold your beer so you can keep a hand free to…hold another beer. $30


Talking Irish Drinking Buddy: Keep this little guy wrapped around your shoulder and you will have a drinking buddy all night long. He’s like a leprechaun devil whispering into your ear. $7


Lucky Charms O.D T-Shirt: I wonder if pink hearts, blue moons, orange stars and green clovers taste as good coming up as they do going down? $13


“I Love Beer” Scarf and Beanie Set: Let your alcoholism keep you warm. $24


Pass-Out T-Shirt: If you have horrible friends and are prone to passing out, this t-shirt may be a good idea. Out of stock.


Bottle Opener Cap: Now that’s convenient! $20


Beer Bandolier: Whether you are releoading for the Beer Blaster Gun or just simply “reloading,” this beer bandolier will hold all of the drunken ammo you need. $15


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