Iridescent Adidas Sneakers Explode With Color In The Flash Of A Camera


These sneakers generally look matte black with a neat pattern, but the second a flash goes off that all changes. The Adidas Flux Xeno and Superstar Xeno sneakers are made with a material that reflects bright light back in a rainbow of iridescent color:

In natural light, the black material appears faint with deep shimmers of iridescent colors. But with the flash of a camera, the material explodes with bright colors, spanning the entire rainbow spectrum. The material doesn’t just reflect one color but changes as the angle of the light shifts. The shoe is completely transformed through the lens of a smart phone camera in both video and photos, appearing at first glance as an optical illusion.

They’ll retail from $110 to $140 when they go on sale at retailers February 13th.

See more pictures after the break.



(via Super Punch)


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