It can be a challenge for cosplayers to keep their carefully applied makeup looking fresh through a photoshoot, so Japanese company CosCos has created Liberta. They say that not only will it provide the perfect finish on camera, but that it won’t need to be constantly reapplied or touched-up.

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It includes foundations, powders, lip concealer, and cleansing water. They’ve even developed the line with feedback from cosplayers, so this makeup could be just the thing for your next convention…if you live in Japan that is.

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doesnt happen to superman

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this combination of words and pictures in Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #20 by Alex De Campi and Neil Googe just said something that’s resonated with over 100K Tumblr users (as of this writing) in a very short time.

In the comic, Wonder Woman speaks all kinds of truth about the fact that no one ever asks her male counterparts who does their hair or what it’s like to be a male superhero. However, the thing that’s energized Tumblr is the fact that Wonder Woman has cellulite.

Wonder Woman has cellulite. Maybe that sounds like a silly thing to put in a comic book, but it’s resonated with people. We all have body image issues and, if even Wonder Woman has cellulite, maybe we shouldn’t be quite so hard on ourselves.

There’s something pretty cool and empowering about the message people have taken from the comic (plus that suit is awesome if I do say so myself). Head after the break to check out the panels in question.

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There was a lot right with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The array of complex characters, the banter, every single thing about Anya “Can I trade in the children for more cash?” Jenkins. But there’s a blight on the show’s otherwise sterling legacy, and it ain’t season seven. (Lies. It is, actually, season seven.)

I rewatched Buffy recently, and let me tell you, I had completely forgotten how eye-scorchingly atrocious the outfits are. Or maybe “blocked out for my own mental health” is the right way to put it. Damn the ’90s to the lowest corner of the Hellmouth. I mean, look at this stuff:

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This cosplayer managed to create a beautiful costume that worked with her talents as a ballerina. Indeed, she was a ballerina Pocahontas at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014.

Photo by RyC – Behind The Lens.

(Uproxx via Neatorama)

Space Cape. SPACE CAPE!

space cape

This “Space Cape” is made with images from the NASA Hubble telescope printed on organic cotton. It’s kind of like an invisibility cloak…but for space.

Actually, it’s more of a space vest, but it has a hood and it’s flowy, which is cool. It’s available in four different patterns and comes with either tank top or cap sleeves. It would probably partner well with this space scarf.

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r2 sarong

Summer will be here before you know it, and this R2-D2 sarong is going to look great on the beach. You might even want to accessorize with a matching hair band.

Truth be told, everything in RoobyLane’s Etsy store is fantastic. It’s loaded with nerdy skirts, bags, scarves and more.

Product Page ($38.53)

shirt sale

The entire collection of shirts in our Fashionably Geek / Nerd Approved Merch store (and TeePublic in general) are on sale for just $14 through the weekend. This includes hundreds of nerdy shirts from the best independent designers. The full breakdown looks like this:

  • Shirts: $14
  • Tanks: $18
  • Kids Tees: $14
  • Hoodies: $35

We’ve also added a bunch of new designs, some of which you can preview in the image above.

So head on over to the store and get your favorite designs while you can!

Underwear With Ears


We’ve seen underwear with capes before, but underwear with ears is a first.

The pack contains bear, cat and panda versions, so your butt is guaranteed to look cute at least three days out of the week.

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r2 belly

Tony Giordano and his wife Stefaney are expecting. They’re big Star Wars fans so, naturally, they got R2-D2 to help keep things running smoothly until the big day.

Artist Nick Wolfe painted her belly and Daniel Deutsch supplied the life-size droid (and the pictures).

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grammar police shirt

Now all you need is a badge. I mean, who needs friends? They’re breaking the law dammit.

Product Page ($24)