These new Hawkeye and Nightwing zip hoodies give you the look of a superhero with maximum comfort. The kind of superhero that might spend an entire day gaming on the couch.

The Hawkeye version has some great accents and detailing (and I wish they had a ladies cut), but both of them look pretty slick for a reasonable price.

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Betrothed couple Kat Canipe and Alec Wells have a Back to the Future II cosplay engagement photo that’s just bitchin’. The duo started their engagement on Halloween after Alec, dressed as Michael Myers, jumped out with his proposal and the ring. Naturally she said yes. Who wouldn’t?

They captured every detail from the legendary movie poster by artist Drew Struzan, and the costumes are fantastic. And while Marty is checking the time, we all know what Doc is looking at. Bling bling!

Photo by Ricky Middlesworth

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harley tattoo

Suicide Squad Director David Ayer tweeted photos yesterday from Harley’s Tattoo Parlor Parlour where the cast really got inked. In full Harley Quinn makeup, Margot Robbie grabbed a gun and signed Ayer’s skin with “SKWAD.” Then the rest of the cast took turns in the camaraderie.

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devil cat shirt

Don’t let the cuteness fool you. That’s how the cats will win.

Product Page ($10-$13)

gaming tatoo

This sleeve is the work of @MartinMooreTattoos in Southampton, UK. It was custom designed for a client who wanted to focus on some of her favorite video game characters.

As you can see, the result is stunning.

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A couple days ago, we showed you these adorable leather Pokemon accessories from Ojaga Design. It turns out they also have a collection of Star Wars accessories ranging from key caps to card cases to iPhone covers that feature your favorite droids, Jedi Masters, insignia, and more.

Functional and fandom specific. I like it.

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I could have sworn that this was a screenshot from Final Fantasy VII, but its actually incredible Vincent Valentine cosplay. The costume, wig, and gun prop look amazing and cosplayer Yuri Narss, aka Narcisspuppet, really has the look down.

See Also: Cloud Lays Aerith To Rest In This Stunning Cosplay

While I’m sure there’s some photoshopping, apparently most of the effects captured by photographer Lexa One are achieved through careful lighting and outstanding make-up.

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These Nikes have been fitted with classic superheroes like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman to give them a little nerdy pop of color. The special comic-strip fabric is glued directly onto the shoes and treated with fabric protection products to ensure longevity.

Etsy shop GrabbKicks are producing these superhero sneakers in a limited run. Check out more images after the break.

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Transform into a Colossal Titan in this full zip hoodie! You’ll be the one Titan that prefers to spend all it’s time devouring Taco Bell instead of humans.

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leggings,m,x875,front-bg,ffffff.2u2 edit

A while back, we featured this Wonderlands t-shirt, which is a lovely mashup of Alice In Wonderland and Spirited Away.

That same design of Alice and Chihiro having tea together is featured on these new leggings, with the design covering the front and back side. It’s currently available in sizes XS – XXL.

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