Philip Odango aka Canvas Cosplay is back with another amazing transformation. Well, two actually. CC has been on an ’80s movie villain kick lately, and the result is fantastic versions of Mola Ram from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Lo-Pan from Big Trouble in Little China. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]

Dean is back in Hell, only this time it’s a kitchen oven and he’s a mitt. Lucifer is making cookies while wearing this. No wonder he’s screaming.

Dean Winchester is only one of many fandom-themed oven mitts, pot holders, and aprons available in the NerdyNoveltyDesign Etsy store. Check out some additional designs on That’s Nerdalicious

The 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues with the release of replica versions of Buffy’s red leather jacket from the season three finale ‘Graduation Day’ and the pink sweater worn by Willow in ‘Dopplegangland’. Both items are 20% off at the moment, so now would be a good time to get your wardrobe ready for the apocalypse. [click to continue…]

It isn’t much, but this photo of Deadpool in front of Xavier’s School is confirmation that production on Deadpool 2 is currently underway. See more on Nerd Approved

Japan-based footwear manufacturer Narageta has reimagined traditional Japanese wooden “geta” sandals by giving them a feline twist. The result are these cat-shaped offerings dubbed “Nyarageta” – a name which combines “Nya” (meow) and Nara (the city where they’re made). [click to continue…]

Wil Wheaton had another exciting reunion with an article of clothing. This time it’s Wesley’s original ensign uniform, which he hasn’t seen in 30 years: [click to continue…]

It seems like every week is a surprise when it comes to Knightmage cosplay. Last week it was Black Adam, this week it’s Magneto. Check out more pics from Gwen Graham below. [click to continue…]


ThinkGeek is running a sale to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the movie Predator that offers up to 60% on a selection of nerdy items from Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter and more. It ends at 11:59pm EST tonight, June 19th, so head on over to ThinkGeek and grab your favorite items while you can. They also have a massive clearance sale going on right now: [click to continue…]

Disney has debuted a video series that follows 12 young designers from the OTIS College of Arts and Design in Los Angeles who have been tasked with creating collections inspired by the film Frozen. Three winners will be rewarded with a full scholarship for their final year of fashion school, and their designs will be available to purchase from Nineteenth Amendment. You can check out the first video in the series below. [click to continue…]

T ime Lord technology has been applied to beer, and nothing will ever be the same. I assume that this TARDIS stein can hold infinite amount of beer, and is capable of traveling backwards and forwards in time so you can enjoy the greatest beers in history. See more on That’s Nerdalicious