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Reliving the fashion disasters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer got me thinking about why in God’s name anyone would wear a mushroom shirt, sure (I’ve yet to figure that one out), but also about how fashion of our beloved geeky shows changes from season to season. To a large extent that change is a result of shifting trends in the real world, sure, but there’s also something to be said for character development and its impact on sartorial stylings.

For examples, look no further than…

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sailor moon nail art top

There’s a new fashion trend taking over Japan, and it’s wonderful! With the brand new series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, new scouts are teaming up with the nostalgic fangirls from the original 1990’s series and taking over all the nail salons.

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Epic doesn’t even begin to accurately describe the tiny finger-sized masterpieces. The painted details and accessories alone will make you squee with jealousy. I’m pretty sure these nails have power.

Check out tons of jaw-dropping designs after the break.

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harley quinn prize pack

Just a quick reminder, today is your last chance to win our prize pack from Hot Topic’s Harley Quinn Collection!

The Harley Quinn Prize Pack includes:

1. Harley Quinn Mad Love Long Shopper Tote
2. Harley Quinn Card Super Plush Throw
3. Funko DC Comics Pop! Harley Quinn Vinyl Figure
4. Harley Quinn Footbag
5. Harley Quinn Roller Derby Pint Glass
6. A $50 Hot Topic Gift Card

Head on over to the contest page for all the details on how to enter!

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If you listen to Pink Floyd’s 1973 album, The Dark Side of the Moon, eleven times in a row and you sing all of the lyrics to “Us and Them” while staring into a mirror, and if the stars are in perfect alignment, it’s entirely possible to summon a unicorn. Then, and only then, will you truly grasp what it means to witness “The Dark Side of the Unicorn.” You have been warned.

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The last time we featured one of these adorable charm necklaces by The Gorgonist, the Cosplay Girls were dressed as the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon. This time around, they battle as the TARDIS and a Dalek and it’s just as cute.

The charms are both 1.5 inches, and the necklaces are between 15-18 inches, but you can request different sizes as needed. She’s got a lot of cuteness going on in her shop, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Product Page ($25)

unite the seven

Late last night Zack Snyder dropped the first pic of Jason Momoa in full Aquaman attire ahead of his appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

The “Unite the Seven” tagline likely refers to both the seven seas and the seven members of the Justice League.

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We featured an official Master Chief motorcycle helmet this morning, but if you’re looking for a custom job, look no further than Air Graffix. With over 100 designs, they offer everything from Wonder Woman to Spiderman and Goku to Boba Fett.

According to their website, all helmets are hand painted with “diamond hard, automotive grade, high gloss urethane clearcoat for a long lasting, lustrious finish. Guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go!”

You can even provide your own like new, solid colored gloss helmet to save $50 on your order.

Check out more awesome helmet designs and short 360 video after the break.

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kim possible

Kim Possible cosplay by Danielle Beaulieu. Photo by Jaycee Photography.

Send your cosplay pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.

hero vs hero

It’s Batman v Superman Spy vs. Spy style. Plus it’s only $14 in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store for a limited time!

Product Page ($20 $14)


Renato García was a Puerto Rican boxer who spent much of the last few weeks of his life dressed in a Green Lantern costume. After his passing, his family decided to dress him in the costume one last time and stand him up at the wake as a tribute to how they viewed him as a hero in real life. His sister, Milagros García, told Primera Hora in a translated interview:

He was always very helpful. He was left anyone wanting. Never say no. You beckoned and he was always there. …I was going to a regular funeral for him, but the neighbors and the community had this idea. I know he would have liked it.

It wasn’t just family, but the community who also felt he was a hero.

Lots of mourners, relatives, friends and residents of the village of San José in Río Piedras, wore shirts alluding to the famous character, as a symbol of mourning on the death of Renato, who attributed all attractive qualities and virtues. Neighbors said that when Renato found a Green Lantern costume in the trash can and decided to dress and embody the character, nobody scoffed at him, and were sympathetic when they out found what he did.

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