We have a shirt store full of nerdy designs from the best independent artists and they’re all on sale for just $14!

Seriously—all of them. In fact, the prices of everything have been slashed – tanks, baseball tees, hoodies, iPhone cases – you name it.

Head on over to the store and grab your favorite designs at a discount while you still can—the deal ends Sunday night.


You are the darkness. You are the night.

The Shadow Hoodie from RolandeMode is the most comfortable way to look creepy as hell.

It’s made of sweatshirt fleece, with “a slight flexibility” for comfort. Features include a mask-like high collar, large hood and two pockets in the front. Note: the “Demon” gloves in the picture are sold separately.

Check out more pics below.

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maisie-williams-prankWhile Game Of Thrones is known for being generally SERIOUS, the actors are really funny and likeable any time you see them out of character.

If you follow Maisie Williams on social media, you know just how much fun she is. Thanks to HBO, Maisie got the chance to delight and humiliate some unsuspecting fans at Aero Hobbies & Games in Santa Monica, California.

It’s pretty wonderful. Check out the video on Nerd Approved


A guy named Adam has a girlfriend named Anna that loves Sailor Moon, so when he approached Takayas about a custom engagement ring, he knew he wanted the crescent moon symbol to be the basis for the design—along with some wing imagery if possible. He also wanted the design to be subtle and elegant.

Once again, Takayas delivered with a gorgeous 14k rose gold diamond ring.

Take a closer look at the design below.

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We’ve seen “working” Iron Man gauntlet builds before, but when former Mythbuster Grant Imahara is building one, you know it’s going to be special.

Joining him is Allen Pan, who you may remember from his awesome biometric Mjolnir, and flaming lightsaber builds. Pan is playing for Team Cap by building a version of Captain America’s shield that will actually ricochet off walls.

Imahara and Pan are teaming up with Mouser Electronics and Marvel for the project, and if this first teaser proves anything, it’s that the challenge is going to heat up quick.

Check out the video below.

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Ideal for cyclists (or spies on stealth missions) the Adidas Y-3 Sport Backpack has a trim, fitted design, so you can actually wear the bag like a vest.

Of course, its carrying capacity is limited—Adidas notes that it’s designed to hold “light luggage”. That means stuff like your phone, wallet, a clean shirt, etc.

The Y-3 also features waterproof zippers, ventilated padding, reflective fabrics and a hanging system that allows for the addition of a Camelbak. Unfortunately, you’ll pay a ridiculous $410 for the stylish convenience.

Check out an additional pic below.

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If you want authentic Japanese-made samurai armor but aren’t particularly concerned whether the armor will hold up against arrows, swords or even a light drizzle, Showa-Note, have you covered with this adult-size cardboard samurai armor (children’s versions were released last fall).

There are two styles – a black suit of armor, modeled after Date Masamune‘s armor, and a red suit modeled after that worn by Sanada Yukimura. Both styles will cost 2,980 yen (or roughly $28 USD), and go on sale later this month.

Check out more product shots below.

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3d tattoo top

Tattoo artist Winston the Whale (aka Dave) has made a name for himself by creating simple tattoo designs and layering one on top of the other for an old-school 3D effect that recalls the days of drive-in theaters. It all started when one of his friends asked for a 3D Skull tattoo, and took off like wildfire from there.

Check out more examples below.

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I have some good news for you Elhoffer Design fans. Catherine has added two new Star Wars-themed dresses to her Etsy store. The Galactic Scavenger and the Galactic Fighter are slightly different than the custom designs, but they’re more affordable and just as cute. You can also get the Galactic Scavenger dress in black or gray.

She also dropped a very cool Trek-inspired dress on her Instagram. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be popular.

Take a closer look in the pics below.

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sailor-moon-funkoSailor Moon fans, get ready! Your favorite characters got the Funko POP treatment and they’re stinkin’ adorable. Sailor Moon and Luna, Sailor Venus and Artemis, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Tuxedo Mask are all here.

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