These beautiful Harry Potter dresses let you relive your glory days at Hogwarts. Each features fabric patterned with the crest of the house of your choosing. Since they’re custom made, you’ve also got a little room to customize choosing either a tank or skater style and the option of short sleeves or even longer or shorter hems.

Product Page ($75 Geekymerch via Boing Boing)

sherlock cosplay

I’ll be honest. A good Sherlock cosplay will make me weak in the knees and this Sherlock cosplayed by Mi-caw-ber definitely caused a bit of a buckle.

The combination of a great cosplay and beautiful photography by ItsLOKI really works.

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selfie hat

If you thought the selfie hairbrush we posted the other day was silly, wait till you get a load of this Selfie-Hat by Acer UK and fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis for London Fashion Week.

The Selfie-Hat spins 360 degrees to let you find you “best angle” and has an integrated Acer Iconia A-1 840 tablet. Acer explains:

“Whilst slowly moving the screen from left to right, not only does the selfie sombrero help the user finding their best angle, but also how to understand lighting, how various expressions can change your face and ultimately create the perfect social media moment”.

“Users can access any apps such as Facebook or Instagram whilst wearing the hat – being on social media never looked so glamorous,” Acer added.

Um…yeah…I got nothing.

Believe it or not, this hat can actually be purchased by appointment. Interested parties can contact “Hans” at the Acer press office for more info.

(via Pocket Lint)

iron giant cosplay

Remember when we posted that really cool Iron Giant cosplay/puppet? Well, Iz Reloaded interviewed the creator Orvis Evans at the Singapore Toy Game Comic Convention.

It’s a great look up look into how this Iron Giant works and what it’s like to take it out for a walk.

The fan reaction is my favorite part. It’s so great to see how many people loved this cosplay.

You can view the video after the break.

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top gun pajamas 1

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire, Top Gun pajamas are a thing that exists. Though they’re technically called the “Aviator Onesie,” the back of the onesie says, “I feel the need, the need for sleep.”

The concept is so silly that it’s kind of fantastic. And bonus: the pajamas sound like they’d be more comfortable than actual flight suits since they’re made from cotton. The onesie also has plenty of pockets for… whatever it is you take to bed with you.

See the back of the pajamas – and you really need to see them – after the break.

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Harley Quinn is one tough cookie, and that aspect of her personality inspired cosplayer Kathryn to design a pirate version of her costume for Dragon Con this year. Tada, pirate Harley Quinn! She made the awesome bracers with craft foam, Plasti Dip, eyelits, a ripped t-shirt, and paint. That approach really makes them look like leather, and I’m definitely taking notes so I can try the technique out on a future costume.

Photos by Glimpse in Time Photography.

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frozen Quinceañera 1

If Anna and Elsa were younger and went to the Arendelle High School prom, their dresses might look like these Quinceañera gowns. They’re poufy and sparkly, and I would happily wear one. I especially love all the ruffles on the purple and blue dress inspired by Anna. The Frozen dresses are part of the Disney Royal Ball line for spring 2015 and are priced at $530 and up.

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Ever wonder what it would be like to have a clone of yourself? Well, with the DOTA 2 Meepo Cowl you can finally clone up to four versions of yourself! Eh… just kidding. This Cowl doesn’t have any special cloning powers. Still, it’s made from a comfy jersey knit/cotton blend, and the ears are made from something called Velboa, with is a very soft acrylic fabric. So, no on the cloning and teleporting, but yes in regards to the cowl being extremely comfortable. At least that’s something, right?

Check out another picture of the cowl after the break…

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We know Sonic is fast in the game, but how fast is he in the real world? Emlyn Lewis decided to find out by having a guy cosplay as the hedgehog and run through the streets of Dublin against a public tram. Sonic seems to have no problem keeping up, but that’s a given. We would like to see him take on a bullet train.

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Shrek 1

Designers are at New York Fashion week showing of their spring/summer 2015 lines, and Jeremy Scott’s creations feature a lot of Shrek – as in the big green ogre from the DreamWorks Animation films. Scott has items for men and women in the collection including crop tops, bras, and sweaters. There’s even a t-shirt that says “Shrek Happens.” The bold Shrek face design the above model is wearing? It’s already sold out even though it was priced at $270. I wonder what Donkey would have to say about this.

See the collection on the runway in this YouTube video.

Product Page ($225 and up via Betty Felon)