star wars robot outfits

This new “Robotic” line of crop tops and leggings from Poprageous come in several Star Wars-inspired designs. There’s even a battle damaged version—which is kinda funny when you consider that the stormtrooper who wore this ensemble in battle probably had to be carried off the field by being wrung out into her helmet.

Product Page ($39-$80)


Just in Time for the movie release Avengers: Age of Ultron, Adidas got the greenlight from Marvel to produce these superhero-inspired sneakers. First in line are these The Quicksilver adizero Prime Boost in gray and neon green. There’s also an Iron Man and Captain America color scheme version too. Sadly, it seems girls are left out of the fun one again. From the press release:

“The adidas collection, which releases its kids line at adidas retail and online shop on 17th March and second line on 1st May to coincide with the film’s release, will feature exciting new designs reflecting the unique personalities of three of the film’s superheroes: Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America. Both lines, which cover infants, little kids and youth boys alike, offer full head-to-toe outfits including tees, shorts and accompanying shoes and accessories with matching colours to ensure a wardrobe with fresh new looks for every true Avengers fan!

May’s kids collection will be complemented by adult running shoes in four matching designs. The adult line includes a silver-green adidas adizero Prime BOOST™ that will be featured in the film with an exciting new Avengers character. For the biggest fans and a united look this colour-way will be a key feature within the kids’ collections!”

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Check out more pics of the designs after the break.

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Far from the Dark Knight we all know and love, this Bat Man Mask will literally turn you into a bat and human hybrid.

It is totally scaring the crap outta me. The dirty ears, hair, wrinkled nose, and soulless black eyes makes this mask perfect to terrify your friends. I’m pretty sure that Bruce Wayne would have ended up in Arkham had he encountered this thing as a child.

Product Page ($26.95)


Loot Crate has unveiled the theme for May 2015 and, not surprisingly, it ties in nicely with the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The theme is “Unite” and it is described thusly:

Two heads are better than one. There’s strength in numbers. And there’s no “I” in “Loot Crate.” This month theme all about amazing teams –– and we are calling on all Looters to Unite! Whether you’re traveling to alternate dimensions or through the universe, battling dastardly supervillains or just trying to capture a flag, it’s always better to have a group of like-minded individuals on your side to help you reach your goals … and an exclusive t-shirt couldn’t hurt! To celebrate all the ways that teams Unite, we’ve got amazing exclusives from Marvel’s Avengers, Power Rangers, Bravest Warriors, Valve’s Team Fortress and Rick and Morty.

Sounds good to us. If you’re interested in jumping in to a Loot Crate subscription with “Unite”, you can get 10% off your subscription when you use the code “FASHIONABLYGEEK” at checkout.

Check out the Loot Crate box reviews we did on Nerd Approved for April (Fantasy) and March (Covert) to get a better idea of what a subscription is all about.

And don’t forget that one lucky Looter will get the Mega Crate for May on their doorstep! See what amazing (and expensive) surprises await inside that prize box after the break…

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So cute!

This two-piece set features a Batgirl cami with matching panties. They’re 95/5 rayon/spandex for a cool and comfortable fit.

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Hot Topic has been up to some really interesting stuff recently. They debuted their new Orphan Black clothing line last month and now they’ve designed a line inspired by Showtime’s Penny Dreadful. Didn’t see that coming, but it does make perfect sense for Hot Topic when you think about it.

If you’re a fan of the show (and you should be), you’ll be able to add a little Dreadful flair to your wardrobe. Regardless, the Victorian themes, lace, and dress designs are gorgeous all by themselves.

Head after the break to see more of the new collection.

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Jared Leto’s Joker was revealed last Friday night and fans pretty much lost their minds. The Marilyn Manson look with the ridiculous tattoos isn’t sitting well with a lot of fans. However, Hollywood insider Gabriel Gray tweeted that this won’t be what we’ll see on screen:


Word is that the tattoos were only applied for the promotional image. If the goal was to get people talking – mission accomplished. On that note, cosplayer Mad Tony was ready to go with the new look on Saturday night at Wizard World Las Vegas and he’s looking great. Or horrible, depending on how you feel about it all.

(via Kotaku and Moviepilot)

death star dress

This Death Star dress is fully operational and ready for a night on the town or a quick trip to the store. Just keep in mind that wardrobe malfunctions involving thermal exhaust ports are unspeakably catastrophic.

Take a closer look at the Death Star design after the break…

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These coin purses are definitely most adorable ways to carry your cash. Each coin purse looks like the face of a chipmunk, hamster, or squirrel and when you fill it with stuff their little cheeks puff! There are six different varieties and they even have bags with animals like pandas, koalas, bears, and wolves. You’ll want to carry as much change as possible just to see those little cheeks all puffy.

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These sailor scouts mean business in their battle armor outfits. The same group that brought us Disney Warrior Princess cosplay last year transformed Sailor Moon characters into combat ready soldiers for Calgary Expo.

Photographer: Randy Gee Photographee

Sailor Chibi Moon: Vivid Vision
Sailor Moon: Caroline Dawe Art & Cosplay
Sailor Neptune: Yousei Cosplay
Sailor Pluto: Stella Chuu
Sailor Uranus: Holly Wolf
Sailor Saturn: Kristicles Art & Cosplay
Sailor Mercury: Gladzy Kei Art & Cosplay

Check out the close-up pics of each stunning scout and a making-of video after the break.

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