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Oh my glob, this is too cute. This new Adventure Time Finn hoodie from Hot Topic is reversible, so you can show off your favorite characters on the front, or go with the cosplay look.

It’s available in sizes S – 3x and it’s in stock now.

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Most of us don’t get as much sleep as we need and there are times when we’d just like to take a nap. You can put your head on your arm, but that’s uncomfortable. Instead, try out the Ostrich Pillow Mini that slips over your arm and turns it into an instant pillow for nap time. It’s currently up for funding on kickstarter and has far exceeded its goal already. A pledge of $25 will have one on your arm this December.

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johnny depp

Is anything missing?

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hoodie rocket raccoon 1

Cosplaying characters from Guardians of the Galaxy is fun, but if you’re not committed to painting your body green or finding a fur suit, ThinkGeek has a couple of options for you. They have exclusive Guardians costume hoodies for Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord; the prototype designs look pretty fantastic as is. All you have to add are props! Rocket gets a giant Nerf-style gun, and Star-Lord gets a walkman and a mixtape. Done and done.

The sweatshirts will be available for purchase on November 20th.

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delirium header

The siblings who make up the Endless in The Sandman comics are a special bunch. They’re all captivating, but something about Delirium just charms me. Cosplayer Vixi LaVamp completely nailed the character’s costume and wacky but endearing nature in a recent photo shoot. She made the headpiece and did her own makeup, and I hope she finds an entire group of Endless to cosplay with one day.

Photos by Four3five.

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It’s fall, but if you’re a superheroine or supervillainess there’s still time to wear a light and comfy dress. This Wonder Woman dress is perfect for cruising around in an invisible jet on a warm day. If you’re looking for something a bit more evil, there are also Joker and Harley Quinn-themed dresses to choose from. You can check those out after the break.

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The best Transformers costumes actually transform, and this Grimlock cosplayer at New York Comic Con delivers. The movement on this Dinobot costume is seriously impressive. I bet he or she transformed all day long.

Watch the transformation in the video after the break.

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nycc 2014

Another New York Comic Con is in the books and, among the over 151,000 attendees (Wow!), a lot of really good cosplay was on display. Stuff like this Ronan and Nebula and this Han and Chewie.

There’s a lot more of course, and this video by Close Quarters Cosplay will get you caught up if you weren’t able to attend.

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These headphones are both cool and very cute. Designed by artist Wenqing Yan and entrepreneur Victoria Hu, Axent Wear headphones feature ears that house external speakers and light up in a variety of colors. There’s also a removable jack with USB charger. They’re currently up on indiegogo where $150 will snag you a pair when they ship next April.

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Cosplayed by Sugoides.

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