So what does Lara Croft do when she’s down to her last arrow? Well, in this humorous short fan film from Fury Fingers and cosplayer Shiveeejam, she tries to blow up a barrel that the bad guys inexplicably placed in a strategically devastating location. As you’ll soon see, she’s very impatient and a little too slow with the bow.

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cleric-form-topIt’s getting harder and harder to see a good cleric these days. Perhaps it’s time to consider what coverage is right for you.

Imgur user vanellopecruz writes:

My friend came into our weekly session with a new cleric. When I asked him to heal me, he handed me this

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Wedgewood Rings created a way to actually wear a part of the SR-71 Blackbird – aka history’s fastest manned aircraft (that we know of).

Using cast off SR-71 titanium ejector nozzles sourced from retired Air Force machinist and spy plane maintenance technician Dan Freeman, Wedgewood has formed a piece of jewelry that may have travelled faster than a speeding bullet on a top secret and thoroughly legendary aircraft.

As if this isn’t enough, the ring also features an inner portion made of wood reclaimed from the deck of the USS North Carolina, which served in every Pacific naval battle in World War II and is currently docked in Wilmington, NC.

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disney looks

Professional model Madeline Stuart may well have one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen. She’s also inspiring. Madeline has Down Syndrome and she’s on a mission to change the way people look at her disability.

Inspiring and on a mission? That sounds every bit like a Disney Princess, so it’s perfect that Buzzfeed asked Madeline to model six different Disney-inspired looks (that is to say, they reinterpreted them with a high fashion spin) in the video below.

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download-e1454263564611Just when you thought your wallet was safe, Funko is back again with new Star Wars Pop! mugs. These five new mugs are a mix of classic and new characters: Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Stormtrooper, and the adorable BB-8.

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I’m always astounded by the amount of effort some cosplayers go to for authenticity, but this particular cosplay of The Force Awakens‘ protagonist and antagonist is above and beyond.

Not only have cosplayers Nixie Sweet and FenixEmber nailed the costumes for Rey and Kylo Ren respectfully, but they took advantage of the winter weather to produce some of the most authentic Star Warscosplay photos I’ve ever seen.

The photo set was taken by photographer Jason Laboy, and you can experience them in all their splendor below.

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Back in 2013, J.K. Rowling auctioned off one of her own personal Harry Potter charm bracelets with proceeds going to her charity Lumos. Around that same time, she explained how they were connected in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

“A charm bracelet seems a very innocent trinket. What other piece of jewellery is so imbued with memory and sentiment? Why do we call those little masterpieces “charms” if not in allusion to their talismanic properties? They have meaning beyond the mercenary. They are personal amulets.”

“Lumos is a spell I created in HARRY POTTER that brings light to a desperately dark and frightening place. At Lumos this is just what we do: we reveal the hidden children locked away behind closed doors and forgotten by the world, so that everyone first of all understands the problem and then works together to fix it”.

So the only question about these new Harry Potter charm bracelets from The Noble Collection is, what took them so long? Noble is currently offering 4 different bracelets representing the four houses of Hogwarts. Most importantly, at least 15% of the purchase price will go to the Lumos foundation.

Gryffindor and Hufflepuff come in gold plate, while Slytherin and Ravenclaw are silver plated. All four bracelets have a Sorting Hat and the Lumos butterfly.

I’m sure J.K. hopes each fan will take this lovely start and build their own personal amulets. Check out more pics below.

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leia haunted mansion tattoo

This fantastic Princess Leia / Disney’s Haunted Mansion mashup tattoo by Mae La Roux is based on the art of Karen Hallion. So if you don’t have the guts to get a similar tattoo, you can always wear the shirt.

Check out more pics below.

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Clearly, Doctor Who missed a golden opportunity here. Picture David Tennant or Peter Capaldi wearing this fine TARDIS kilt.

After all, proper ventilation and unrestricted movement would definitely be advantages in the Doctor’s adventures through time and space.

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If Guillermo del Toro never gets the opportunity to make Hellboy 3, we can take solace in ‘Hellpugs’ by Pupstar Sonoma.

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As you’ll see on the Pupstar Sonoma website, they really went all out with the costumes.