Ok, I’m still waiting for science to deliver on a lot of cool future stuff: teleportation, flying cars, talking apes, and the ability to shoot spiderwebs like Spider-Man. Well, it seems that I and Patrick Priebe, a hardware hacker, think very much alike. He wanted to build a web-shooter too, but since all those brainy scientists (grrr) haven’t come up with super-strong artificial spiderwebs yet, Priebe had to make do with building a wrist-worn electromagnetic miniature harpoon launcher.

As you will see in the video after the reak, Priebe’s device boasts a laser sight and a retractable harpoon that’s connected using fishing line.

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Skyrim is packed with characters, and that means tons of options for cosplayers. Mimiru Riley created a version of the Elder Scrolls V Jester costume, and she specifically based it on the male version of the Cicero costume. She used micro suedes and knits, and she spent time hand sewing the details and weathering the hood. Her hard work shows in the finished ensemble. I especially admire the gauntlets!

Photos by Mason T Photography.

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As if actor Nathan Fillion needed to add something else to his geek resume, the current Castle star admitted on Conan this week that he paints toenails with superhero art.

“My girlfriend was looking at this incredible toenail art online and I said ‘I can do that,’” he explained.

His girlfriend asked him to prove it and the results show he’s actually quite the artiste! Fillion sounded like a nail art expert as he told Conan O’Brien that the small canvas can be a pain to work with but he tried to keep things interesting by going with a superhero design. He made one foot Marvel and the other DC, and the logos are actually very recognizable!

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elastigirl cosplay 1

Elastigirl doesn’t need a man to save the day. The kickbutt character from Pixar’s The Incredibles is super flexible and super awesome. Cosplayer Liv-is-alive made the golden age version of Elastigirl’s costume, and it has just the right retro vibe. Some of her pics in the costume are manipulated to show off her superpowers, and the effect looks neat. Plus, she incorporated the proper amount of sparkle into her mask, belt, and gloves. I want those accessories for everyday wear.

Photos by Simple Arts.

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beard copy

Tormund Giantsbane (played by Kristofer Hivju), is a wildling leader in HBO’s Game of Thrones thanks, in no small part, to his epic beard. Fortunately for us, Hivju took a break from his wildling business to teach us his badass ways via YouTube. In his latest videos, he shows us how to grow an epic beard and how to shave it off like a warrior.

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raiden costume

While I support fantastically detailed cosplay, I also embrace the attitude of making it simple. It’s more important to dress up in any way you can and participate instead of not cosplaying because you can’t afford to create the most amazing costume ever.

For example, yesterday we showed you how to do a cheap Sub Zero costume with pieces from your wardrobe and today, there’s a simple way to become Raiden. Redditor SpaceCampDropOut used the Sub Zero concept and added a lamp shade. Boom. Easy, cheap, kinda hilarious Raiden.

(via Reddit)

crusader costume 1

Here’s a crazy idea: how about giving a female character full coverage armor? Diablo III has done just that with their Crusader armor. I’m not sure how functional it is, but it’s not leaving the holy warrior’s midriff or thighs open to attacks. What a novel idea! Cosplayer SpcatsTasha did an incredible job making this costume. It makes her look intimidating and strong and also like she just stepped out of the video game.

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super mario cuff 1

Square rhinestones make wonderful pixels – who knew?! Instructables user mactothefuture was aware of the trick and used tons of rhinestones to make a cuff bracelet featuring the question block from Super Mario Bros. She wrote a how-to, and to make your own, you only have to make or purchase a leather cuff and buy tons of rhinestones (okay, like 300 of them). Then you carefully apply them to the cuff with a rhinestone picker. It might be tedious work but just look at the finished product! I love sparkly and geeky combos.

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tumblr_n3zga4z5Ni1qdlvzfo1_500 copy

League of Legends fans have to admit that SilentCircus90‘s Jinx cosplay is pretty spot on. Also, JRice Photography deserves some props, as he did an excellent job with the shots and the added effects too.

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ff cosplay 1

Lightning is a fierce opponent, and cosplayer Lyz Brickley has created a spot on replica of her costume – from the rose colored hair and the detailing on her shoulder pauldrons. I would avoid getting on her wrong side.

Above photo by Zim Killgore Photography.

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