It would be understandable to look at a character like Bastion from Overwatch, with the oddly-proportioned physique and particular angles, and think “That’s probably never going to look right as cosplay, so I shouldn’t bother.” But not Mathoz. Not only did he make a Bastion cosplay, he actually did the character justice. There are a ton of wonderful details, including the grass and the lights in the chest. It can even break down to transform into a turret which Mathoz can hide behind to operate like a puppet.

Accompanied by Dandlit Cosplay in character as D.Va, this is one awesome bit of Overwatch cosplay. Check out more photos from Gautier Bld Photography below. [click to continue…]


ThinkGeek’s Critical Hit D20 Necklace is a wearable version of their LED-infused D20. You can’t roll it, but it does look pretty awesome when you flip the switch and it emits a bluish/violet glow.

Critical Hit D20 LED Necklace ($19.99)


Cosplay by Amber Arden. Photo by York In A Box. [click to continue…]


Once again, our friend Ginny Di has captured the magic with her cosplay—this time as Sarah in her masquerade gown from Labyrinth.

Ginny made the dress jewelry from scratch (she sewed three wigs together to get that very Sarah hair style).

She shot the pictures and did the photo editing.

She cosplayed both Sarah and Jareth in one of the photos (you can see more of the Jareth cosplay here)

She may have also built the camera with her bare hands, but I don’t have confirmation on that. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Actually, McCall’s has added two new cosplay patterns to their lineup, but we were especially taken with the beautiful kimono “Obi:Gado” version. Check out all of the details and additional pics below. [click to continue…]


This amazing Alice In Wonderland tattoo was inked by Radu Rusu at Art Faktors Tattoostudio Essen, Germany.

(via FYT)


Over the weekend Elhoffer Design launched a Rey-inspired sweater vest with matching arm warmers that will be perfect for the fall weather. Currently, the design is available in grey or black for $60, or you can purchase the arm warmers separately for $24. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Suits, much like space, shouldn’t be loud. There shouldn’t be any sound at all quite frankly. Then again, space battles without sound effects are boring, which is why we have these insane Star Wars suits from OppoSuits. Make sense?

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The first two releases in the collection are dubbed “Strong Force” and “Stormtrooper” and retail for $109.99 each. OppoSuits has promised that more designs will be released next year—they’re even soliciting ideas from the public if you have a bright idea that’s as blinding as Tatooine’s suns.

Take a closer look at the current designs below. [click to continue…]


Cats were so smug with their Viking hats. But now your pups can know the joys of crochet cosplay thanks to AegeanDrawn. She sells all kinds of crochet masks and accessories including the awesome Captain America, Batman, and Dinosaur/Dragon versions pictured here. As you can see from the image above, I’ve managed to accidentally create a two-headed dual superhero golden. They should make a movie based on this concept immediately.

Take a closer look at the masks below. [click to continue…]


Cosplayer Miss Sinister has a knack for portraying incredibly badass Star Wars characters and this Asajj Ventress is no exception. Check out more fantastic pics below. [click to continue…]