It’s rare that we come across cosplay that we haven’t seen before, but this Kvothe ensemble by Ishere Lartnec is something new. The character is from The Kingkiller Chronicle, a fantastic fantasy book series by Patrick Rothfuss. Kvothe is a musician and adventurer, and Lartnec has presented a cool interpretation of the character with his costume.

Photos by Iván Méndez.

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Stormtrooper Pencil Skirt

When you need to dress up your Star Wars apparel and go for something a little more chic, you can turn to Geeky U. They have a few classy options, and this pencil skirt featuring an executive Stormtrooper is one of my favorites. It’s ideal for the business-Star Wars dress code. The skirt comes in standard sizes and ships in just 3-5 business days.

Product Page ($21.93 via Geeky Merch)

close up tattoo

Ever wanted to learn more about the specifics of tattooing? YouTuber SmarterEveryDay is here to help. He stopped in a random tattoo shop, Timepiece Tattoo Company, and spoke with a tattoo artist to learn more about the tools and the process. He took a close-up video of a tattoo in progress and slowed it way down – watching the needles work is fascinating and oddly mesmerizing. Despite having six tattoos, I’ve never looked at the process this way. I feel smarter.

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Cosplayer Yaya Han recently dressed up as Heartseeker Ashe from League of Legends, and I have to say that she looks like a real heartbreaker. And by that I mean, well, that she looks like she could put an arrow in your chest from a terribly great distance. Yeah, that’s probably going to hurt quite a bit.

Photo Credit: Aileen Luib

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batman 75th necklace 1

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the creation of Batman. The Dark Knight is a beloved comic book character, and Guild Jewellery Design has made a gorgeous Bat-symbol necklace for the occasion. Batman’s face is carved into the center of the sterling silver symbol, and it hangs on a sterling silver chain. The necklaces are limited to 75 pieces worldwide and will be available at Oz Comic-Con in Australia and other locations to be determined.

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I Am Groot Body Paint Cosplay

groot body paint 1

Several people have made their own dancing baby Groots from Guardians of the Galaxy, but only a handful of folks have cosplayed as the character. Northern Belle might be the first to attempt a body paint version. The body paint looks like bark and while the lack of a nose throws me off, I’m impressed with all the details and shading.

Photos and makeup by ArtistiCurves.

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These gorgeous sneakers are the work of Etsy seller Beressy Art who hand-painted them with characters from The Walking Dead. They’ll look great on your feet while you watch the upcoming 5th season of the show. You can even customize them with the characters of your choice. These are black and white, but you can change that too, and make them bright and colorful if that’s your preference.

Product Page ($125.52 via Boing Boing)


Great things happen when cosplayers coordinate their efforts, like this beautiful Dragon Age: Inquisition cosplay. What makes this unique is that there’s not a single guy in the bunch, just women playing the lead characters from the game.

Morrigan: Tarah-Rex Cosplay
Cassandra and Leliana: Armed and Dangerous
Sera: Emmabellish

Individual Photos: The Will Box
Group Photo: Photosassin

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raven 2

When the Halloween costume shop in your area doesn’t have the costume you want, it’s time to get crafty. That’s what Katie did when she couldn’t locate a Raven outfit for her daughter. The costume they made looks awesome, and the little girl is so wonderful as Teen Titans’ Raven that I can’t even deal with it.

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TARDIS top hat

Fabulous costumes are a guaranteed sight at Dragon Con, but that’s not all. You’re also likely to see creative accessories at the convention, and this TARDIS top hat is a great example. Spotted and photographed by Hiro Protagonist2004, this hat appears to made of leather or pleather and features a latch. The TARDIS looks like it’s decorated on the inside, and I’m guessing/hoping the interior features the control room.

(TARDIS Fashion via Cheezburger)