joker hair

David Ayer, director for the upcoming Suicide Squad, has been tweeting teasers. His latest shows the back of Jared Leto’s ponytail in the hands of a barber. Could this mean Leto is finally cutting his hair in preparation for his role as the Joker?

He also used an interesting word to describe the character. Find out what it is in the tweets after the break…

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Etsy seller dtekdesigns makes all kinds of custom nerdy jewelry (some of which can be pretty elaborate), but we love the simple elegance of this Doctor Who wedding band featuring the groom’s name in Gallifreyan.

This particular band was a custom order, but you can probably have something similar made.

Then again, there’s always this Doctor Who wedding ring set which is a super bargain.

20140626_MG_5481_bilderbube - Kopie

This sexy stormtrooper cosplay is the work of model and latex designer Amy Grey with gorgeous photos by Sven Rödig of BILDERBUBE.

A Star Wars fan club from Nuremberg helped out with the shoot, which took place in a Christian youth church of all places. Sven notes that they were “open-minded to our nerdy photo shoot and helped us a lot.”

Check out more photos after the break…

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clown prince of asgard

“The Clown Prince Of Asgard” is new in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store and can be had for just $14 for a limited time. Grab it at a discount while you can!

Product Page ($20 $14)


At first glance, I could swear this was either an in-game costume mod or a promo shoot for an upcoming bad-ass Dragon Age movie. It’s actually the astonishing work of cosplayer Ophidia. She notes:

“Morrigan is by far my favorite BioWare woman. I never thought that I’ll be cosplaying as her, though. But when I saw her Inquisition dress I instantly fell in love and decided that yes, I must do it.”

Every element of her character was considered including the porcelain doll-like makeup and the actual castle that her and photographer aKami777  traveled to for the shoot. Everything about these photos makes me so very happy and so very sad that I’ll never reach this level of talent.

Gaze upon more stunning Morrigan pics after the break.

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Etsy shop owner PresStartNrdEmporium has made this super cozy Pokemon Snorlax dress with monster paw pockets. Monster. Paw. Pockets!

This is the first design for her Pokemon line and it can be worn as a costume or a regular afternoon hang out dress. Did I mention it has pockets? Really this would be my weekend go-to dress forever.

“It is made with stretchy material and has elastic along the top. It also ties in the back so it can fit different sizes.”

Find out how to catch your own after the jump.

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Photographer Adrian Gibbs captured an amazing battle between Sharon Rose’s Captain America and Kayley Marie’s Thor. Their stunning costumes are matched by the natural strength and beauty that Sharon and Kayley express in this shoot. Although Thor would probably win this fight, does it really matter?

Check out all the awesome photos below.

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Remember the most hilarious pair of door knockers in Labyrinth? Well now you can own your very own handsome mumbler and hard-of-hearing figures as awesome jewelry from Etsy shop owner ArtByAelia.

She sculpts each knocker by hand using polymer clay, then casts it in resin, and carefully paints them by hand to give them that aged brass-look. The earrings from in three styles; dangle, post, or clips (for non-pierced ears) and all made with nickle-free findings). Her attention to detail in the sculpts are spot on to the originals, just don’t ask them for directions.

Check out pics of the different styles after the jump.

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It’s hard not to love these Pokemon Mega Ring-inspired bracelets by Etsy seller Toriroz. From the description:

Bracelets are hand cast with resin, and the gem cast in clear epoxy. The details are made with a metallic vinyl decal for that crisp clean look. The back is open for easy wear-ability, as the plastic is slightly bendable.

And the best part is there are several different designs to choose from. Head after the break to see the bracelet being worn.

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groot woods top

The setting couldn’t be more perfect for this Groot cosplay by Redditor stooch5. It’s just a wonderful photo.

Apparently, the costume is made from EVA foam and pool noodles. Stilts give it the extra height. He’s even working on a Rocket costume for his daughter.

Check out the entire image after the break to get the full effect…

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