Redditor wlp0604’s two little girls wanted to be Cardcaptor Sakura and Kiro for Halloween (from the Cardcaptor Sakura manga), and since those aren’t costumes you’ll find at the store, their Mom sewed them these beauties. She made every part of their costumes herself, except for the little one’s shoes and her leggings which were a last minute addition because it was chilly outside.

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last unicorn costume 1

For my money, The Last Unicorn is one of the best fantasy novels and fairy tales out there. I enjoy the book and the animated movie very much and am always glad to see costumes inspired by the story. Cosplayer Evie E made a gorgeous version of the unicorn in her human form as Lady Amalthea. She based the design on the one in the movie but added her own touches to make it more fitting for a unicorn. She did a fantastic job.

Photos by Anthony James Bultinck.

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pokemon dress 1

If you’re tired of not being able to snag all the pocket monsters in Pokémon, try wearing them! This dress from Koala Art & Design is made from polyester/spandex with a pattern that features pixelated Pikachus and Poké Balls – what more do you need?

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This Rocket Raccoon cosplay is so impressive, you’d swear you’re looking at a stuffed figure. It’s the work of Shoko and Jérôme Cosplay and took about a month to create. That sounds like a long time, but considering how good this looks, it’s hard to believe this didn’t take even longer. On that note, Rocket really needs to hang out with this guy.

Photography by CG Pictures.

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Channel your inner Dark Link with the new The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Dark Link Zip Hoodie.

This hoodie has the Triforce design on the front, a Dark Link inspired Hylian Shield on the back, and an elongated hood.

It’s available in men’s sizes small – 2X, but us ladies can probably do a little mental math to make sure we get one for ourselves.

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bmc chainmail 1

As much as I wish it wasn’t the case, wearing chainmail every day isn’t practical. It’s heavy, loud, and metal isn’t pleasant against the skin when it’s cold outside. Black Milk Clothing has another option though: fabric printed to look like chainmail. They have a new collection of apparel that includes skater dresses, a swimsuit, leggings, a body con dress, and more with the chainmail print.

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Captain Gotham [Cosplay]


Photo Credit: Robbins Studios

(via Comics Alliance)


Kids often wear costumes to meet the characters at Disney World, but the costumes Jennifer Rouch makes for her 3-year-old daughter Lane are really something special. Mom makes all the costumes from scratch including accessories that go right down to the little birds that perch on Snow White as she sings in rags by the wishing well.

The idea came to Jennifer when she noticed that her daughter was becoming very shy. Since they go to Disney World often, she decided to try to conquer Lane’s shyness by letting her dress like the characters in hopes that it would help her feel more comfortable around new people. Interact she did and it looks like Lane and the cast members at the parks are having a lot of fun.

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ugly sweater top

We’ve just added a whole mess of faux knit designs in our new TeePublic Merch Store!

The patterns are as nerdy as they are ugly, so head on over to the store to get yours in time for the holidays.

agents of shield scarf

Director Phil Coulson has been feeling compelled to scrawl an alien script on any and every surface since the end of season one on Agents of SHIELD. Tumblr user concertigrossi was inspired by the glyphs and created a double-knit scarf covered in the creepy writing. It’s subtle and fashionable and incredibly creative.

Even cooler? She details the pattern on Tumblr so you can make your very own SHIELD scarf.

(via Geek Crafts)