When it comes to the debate over impractical female superhero costumes, Emma Frost is always in the conversation. X-Men fan Terry Blas decided to take on the problem, but he needs your help.

To that end he created The Emma Frost Project and asked readers to show off their ideas for what a thoroughly modern and fashionably Frost might wear. Feel free to submit your designs to share with other Frost fans.

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Alice in Wonderland’s dress and pinafore inspire the design of this sweet Lolita top. Made of a soft pastel blue knit fabric and cream polka dot lace, this shirt has a peekaboo neckline with triangle a cut-out keyhole, short cap sleeves, lace back insert, and a hand designed “Drink Me” bottle on the pocket.

“…she found a little bottle on it, (‘which certainly was not here before,’ said Alice,) and round the neck of the bottle was a paper label, with the words ‘DRINK ME’ beautifully printed on it in large letters.”

It’s custom-made to order in sizes small to XL.

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Alberta photographer Wendy Sloboda has been photographing fossils for 30 years, and she has a gift for dinosaur hunting. Her work has led to the classification of new species, and a discovery she made five years ago was given the name Wendiceratops Pinhornensis in her honor. Royal Ontario Museum paleontologist David Evans told CBCnews:

The paleontologists dig at sites discovered the previous year — often by Sloboda, Evans says.

“We often joke that we’re Wendy’s cleanup crew because Wendy runs around the badlands and finds all this cool stuff and we basically come in afterwards and do the digging,” he added. “She just has a sixth sense for finding good specimens.”

Sloboda drives out to other areas and hikes with a small group, usually students, to go “prospecting” — looking for rocks sticking out of the dirt that she recognizes as fossils from their unusual colour, texture or shininess.

“It’s really hard to explain,” she said.

An image of the hippo-sized horned dinosaur which is related to the triceratops and lived 75 to 79 million years ago, is now tattooed on Wendy’s arm.

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pikachu dance

For the second year in a row, a Pikachu outbreak is set to devastate the city of Yokohama, Japan with cuteness. This year, a pack of Pikachus will dance their way through Yokohama’s bayside Minato Mirai district.

In preparation for the event, the Pokemon Company has released a instructional video that teaches you how to do the Pikachu Dance. All you need to do is get a costume and drill on like a million steps. Easy!

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This stylish stamped leather bag would definitely complete any fantasy ensemble or even spice up a casual outfit. Whether carrying your wallet or potions, the Celtic knot design with intricate rivets just make this a fun bag.

Etsy shop Petit JuJu fabricates these genuine leather bags in a variety of patterns and color options. Discover which bag matches your inner fantasy fandom after the break.

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pokemon leggings top

Choose from either water or fire Pokémon in an all-over print on these fun leggings. They’re made of polyester and spandex for a snug and comfortable fit and come in a range of sizes.

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We’ve done the math and these scarves full of equations and beakers from Etsy shop Dream Express definitely compute. They’re stylish and affordable.

Plus, they remind me of my notebook doodles from school (I was totally paying attention).

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While you may not need to carry around things like thermal detonators, this Star Wars Boba Fett backpack does have a hard shell that means whatever’s inside will have a little extra protection. Perfect for the bounty hunter on the go.

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This fantastic video compilation by YouTuber MaximumDiver features some of the best cosplay from Montreal Comic Con 2015. Deadpool, Batman, and Star-Lord show up along with Black Widow, Captain America, and plenty more of your favorite characters.

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