Sure, the Plasma Rifle from the Fallout series might look a little wonky, but it’s one of the best energy weapons in the game.

Cosplayer TheAnti-Lily made this one by hand using wood, PVC pipe bits, green lights and electric cables. As you can see, she nailed all the minor details. It looks like it was ripped straight from the game!

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glitter beards

Maybe it’s the holidays or maybe it’s just people feeling the need to put a little sparkle into their lives, but glitter is making a splash in a big way. Not long ago we told you about Glitter Roots, and now we have discovered the joy of Glitter Beards.

Be warned: once you go glitter beard you’ll probably have to shave it to be rid of it completely.

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nixon star wars top

Nixon recently debuted Part II of their “Dark Side Collection”, which features watches, wallets, belts and bags with designs inspired by Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers and Imperial Pilots.

The pieces are loaded with details—but my favorite has to be the Han Solo in carbonite hidden on the Boba Fett band.

Check out some highlights from the collection below.

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golden girls granny panties

Good lord this is hilarious. Etsy seller Bulletsandbees is selling granny panties starring the Golden Girls. Note that the Blanche version is crotchless.

I think I might laugh forever.

And if you thought these were wonderfully weird, check out a few more random options from the shop below.

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cape 4 edit

It’s a cape. It’s a poncho. It’s a lounger. It’s a hoodie. It’s a “Loungewear Cape” for men. Men who may or may not wear tights and no shoes.

Honestly, I got nothing.

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totoro tattoo

Created by Marc Durrant of MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA.

(via geeksterink)

mermaid tail skirt

We’ve talked about how you can make an elaborate mermaid tail before, but this option is easier and much more comfortable at cocktail parties (on land).

The four way stretch lycra spandex is comfortable and figure flaunting.
The skirt hugs the thighs down to the knee, and the hemline is a full circle cut, for tons of flirty, swingy movement when you walk. And it is actually quite easy to walk in!

Product Page ($55)

harley quinn beanie mask

Harley Quinn cosplay anywhere with this beanie that transforms into a mask. Plus its dangly jester hat game is in full effect.

Product Page ($26.99)

Geisha Leia [Cosplay]

geisha leia

We are loving this gorgeous Geisha spin on Princess Leia from cosplayer Hendo Art and photographer Nelsphotos.

Check out more pics below.

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harry potter owl tattoo

Look closely at the design of this Harry Potter-themed tattoo as a whole. When you see it…

(SHADOWKEY23713 via Mashable)