Christopher Reeve will always be Superman to me, but I have to admit that Henry Cavill looks great in a replica of his suit (though the black and white probably helps). Zack Snyder recently shared the photo on Vero, which was taken during a screen test for Man of Steel. Apparently, his ability to wear the suit without looking like an idiot was instrumental in Cavill landing the role: [click to continue…]

Landon Meier’s Hyperflesh first hit the scene in 2013 with realistic baby masks and the Heisenberg mask that Bryan Cranston wore at Comic-Con. In recent years his realistic mask skills have turned towards politics, which makes them even more disturbing. At least we assume that these are masks, and that the three lunatics in the video below were not actually partying together at Monsterpalooza (though they would fit right in to the theme). [click to continue…]

The latest custom engagement ring from Takayas is inspired by Kingdom Hearts‘ Oathkeeper keyblade and Wayfinder charm. It’s a twist on the classic solitaire style and a more subtle variation of an Oathkeeper engagement ring they made last year. Take a closer look at the design below. [click to continue…]

I have to admit, this Millennium Falcon full/queen comforter and shams set has a pretty cool-looking washed out design. Plus, features an allover print of different ships on the opposite side so it might be reversible. On a related note, it reminded me of an AT-AT bunk bed I came across recently that was added to the Rooms To Go Star Wars collection. Check that out on Nerd Approved

HBO has released a series of bizarre promo videos featuring characters from their various properties mimicking the signature HBO hum sound. Within those videos you’ll find the cast of Game of Thrones sporting some sweet new outfits and stupid looks on their faces, you know..because of the hum sound they’re making. [click to continue…]

These Sailor Moon Luna and Artemis mugs are great—but, if you really need some advice, I would start with sipping between the ears so you don’t stab your eyes out. See more on That’s Nerdalicious

This Star Wars 40th anniversary C3-PO and R2-D2 jacket is probably my favorite item from the Her Universe reveals for Star Wars Celebration, but there’s more where that came from. [click to continue…]


Thankfully we have folks like Sneaky Zebra to keep us on top of all the awesome convention cosplay. This music video for WonderCon 2017 is hot off the press, and you can check it out below. [click to continue…]

If Picasso was alive today, he would be doing nerdy tattoos. I’m sure of it. Fortunately, we have Mike Boyd of The Circle tattoo shop in Soho, London. You might want to drop him a line if you’re interested in his cubist-style work. The lines are just so damn clean! Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]

Loungefly’s pink Stormtrooper wristlet was initially a San Diego Comic Con exclusive in 2015, but now it’s available to everyone. It is still listed as a limited edition item, and only 600 of the original were made, so this may be a “while supplies last” kind of deal. [click to continue…]