Kallen Kozuki of the anime Code Geass is also known as Kozuki Karen and Kallen Stadtfeld. She leads a double life in the series; she’s both a student and a member of guerrilla resistence group that participates in terrorist activities. Cosplayer SarinaAmazon wore the character’s R2 flight suit in a recent photo shoot, and she nails it – especially the spiky hair.

Photos and makeup by Ol’ga, a.k.a. Mellefuielle.

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nes my life 1

What if the items on our to-do list were classic Nintendo games? NES My Life imagines our everyday boring activities as retro games, and the designs are pretty funny. Imagine riveting titles like Commute (hours of gameplay!), Job Hunt, and Student Loan Scramble? Hey, if you have to live through such activities, you may as well have fun and poke a little fun at them.

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Clobberella futurama costume

Clobberella is The New Justice Team superhero identity of Leela in Futurama. She has super strength, super speed and invulnerability and all she had to do to get her powers was apply a miracle cream. Cosplayer Markie Gaddis definitely had to put more effort than that into making her take on the Clobberella costume. It’s colorful and is a close match to the one from Futurama.

Photo by F. Santos.

(via ComicsAlliance)

dc villains underwear pack

We’ve already seen a Harley Quinn 3-pack of panties this month, and now you can add The Riddler, The Joker, and Poison Ivy to your collection. Although, I don’t know if I want anything that looks like poison ivy that close to me, but you may feel differently.

It’s fun, flirty and in character and they come in sizes small – 2X.

Product Page ($24.99)


Death Note’s Ryuk is a Shinigami. He has blue tinted skin, retractable wings, crazy hair, and an appreciation of apples. Actually, it’s more like an addiction. Foxxi Loxxi Cosplay came up with a femme take on the character that manages to be creepy while being a little cute. She did an especially great job with the makeup and hair.

Photos by CMOSs Photography.

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guardians of the galaxy holiday mix ugly sweater

Celebrate the holidays with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This ugly Christmas sweatshirt design features the whole gang, the orb, the Awesome Mix Vol. 1 and a young Peter Quill getting sucked off the planet Earth. All of that is combined with festive Christmas touches. It’s rather fabulous.

Product Page ($25)


Just because the world doesn’t get to see you in your underwear doesn’t mean you can’t rock some awesome geeky boxers like these Doctor Who versions.

This is especially true in the case of the Matt Smith Doctor version. It’s cosplay below the belt!

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elsa cosplay 1

Cosplayer Tiffany Amber sent us her lovely Queen Elsa cosplay, and we’re happy to share it. Personally, I love the snowflakes. The detail and photography both definitely make it worth a look.

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Do you know why She-Ra is totally awesome? Well, aside from being the Princess of Power, she also rides a flipping unicorn. His name is Swift Wind and he is glorious. So, if you’re a fan of She-Ra, you can celebrate all of her princess-y power by wearing these shirts.

The shirt above is pretty straightforward, but the version after the break is super intense. It depicts She-Ra right after her transformation from Adora in an eye-popping sublimation print.

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You can channel your inner spy with this watch that shoots a real, working laser. It’s not just for looks either—it will actually destroy stuff as demonstrated in this video. This gadget has carbon fiber-accents and an integrated 1,500-milliwatt blue laser that will fire for five to ten minutes before the battery dies.

It’s the work of Patrick Priebe who isn’t sharing the details of exactly how he made the thing, because can you just imagine the chaos? He is considering selling them in very small quantities at a price somewhere over $300. Hey, if you’re a globetrotting spy, that’s just a drop in the bucket.

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