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So, you’ve escaped the maniacal mobile pincer grasps of GLaDOS and finished Portal 2. Good for you. Celebrate your ability to outwit insane robots by picking up this officially licensed Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories messenger bag. It features Aperture’s distinct ’80s logo, a front pocket for small items, a phone pocket, and enough space to hold two defective turrets and a whole lot of real confetti. The flap also features Portal instructional diagrams too. Sadly, the bag does not come with cake. Bummer.

I’ve got a surprise for you after this next test. Not a fake, tragic surprise like last time. A real surprise, with tragic consequences. And real confetti this time. The good stuff. Our last bag. Part of me’s going to miss it, I guess-but at the end of the day it was just taking up space.
- GLaDOS, Portal 2

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baby son guku dragonball z costume

Kid cosplay is my new favorite kind of cosplay. Children make any character super cute, and it’s always a blast to watch them process the attention from adults at conventions. I can’t get over how tiny this little Dragon Ball cosplayer from WonderCon is. He makes a wonderfully precious version of Goku.

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subzero and elsa

Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat and the powerful icy queen from Frozen – they’re a match made in heaven. It was only a matter of time before two cosplayers made a picture like this happen. Elsa looks as though she’s swooning, and if anyone can make her do it, Sub-Zero would be the guy. I wish I would have seen this in person.

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This year’s Wondercon must’ve been a blast because, from what I’ve seen so far, the cosplay from the event is very impressive. For example, check out these Bombshell Avengers costumes. Classy, right? Justin Davidson did a little photoshoot with the girls, and he managed to take some great pictures!

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sailor tardis scout

The look of the TARDIS can be combined with just about any kind of dress including the Sailor Scout uniform. Instagram user atomictronic sported the ensemble (which appears to be from Darling Amy) at Sakura-Con, and it’s such a fantastic design. I love that she made the crown with a blue jewel and that her eye shadow even matches. The tattoo is awesome too. Gold stars all around.

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This might just be the most spot on cosplay of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine that you’ll ever see. It features cosplayer Lonstermash who actually isn’t a mutant but still has Wolverine’s physique. He cosplays as Wolverine at parties and special events, and he also has a great sense of humor if the pictures of him helping out the Easter Bunny are any indication.

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last unicorn tattoo

The Last Unicorn has a special place in my heart, and I know I’m not alone. The novel and an animated film have been a part of my life for a long time, and I can’t get over this stunning tattoo by Ryan of ArtCore Studios in Seattle. It features Amalthea, a unicorn, and King Haggard’s castle in the background. I love the shading and details.

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catshades copy

These shironekoshiro cats are totally cool, man. They don’t mind wearing all sorts of funny stuff, like sunglasses. They just roll with it, and by acting so cool, they’re teaching the denizens of the Internet to “deal with it.” Word.

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Predator and Boba Fett may both be deadly, but here they are only killing you with cute. If you recall from yesterday, he was also spotted with the Power Rangers, posing his little heart out.

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