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Let’s set aside Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a moment and step back into the world of Knights Of The Old Republic. This spectacular cosplay features Saphira as Satele Shan and Blood Spider as Darth Revan.

Photos by So Say We All.

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shirt sale 2

Black Friday is in full swing in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store! We have tons of nerdy designs from the best independent artists and they’re all on sale for just $14.

In fact, the prices of everything (hoodies, tanks, prints and more) have been slashed.

Head on over to the store and grab your favorite designs at a discount while you can!

pantone bags

PANTONE has partnered with Redland London, a high-end luggage company, to create a series of bags that feature designs inspired by PANTONE’s vibrant colors. The new series will include a variety of different bags such as backpacks, duffle bags and luggage in eight different colors (Beeswax, Cabaret, Capri Breeze, Castlerock, Loganberry, Mood Indigo, Phantom and Tango Red).

The PANTONE bag series will officially debut on November 30th on Redland London’s website.

Take a closer look at the collection in the video below.

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Batcatman? [T-Shirt]


If Bruce Wayne was traumatized by both bats and cats as a child, this would be his logo.

And if you think a bat symbol made of cats is weird, just imagine what his suit would look like.

Product Page ($20-$24)

tech tats top

Can tattoos be used to advance medical science? Chaotic Moon Studios certainly thinks so. The “creative technology studio” recently unveiled what they’re calling “Tech Tats.” These temporary tattoos can be used to transmit data for a wide range of practical applications—most notably medical.

The studio makes the tattoos using a conductive ink which is applied to the surface of the skin (so yeah, it’s not permanent). The tat functions as a medical monitoring device, which means that it could track a user’s vital signs and transfer that info wirelessly to an external device (like a cellphone). So, instead of having a patient wear a cumbersome medical device on their chest or arm, they can simply apply this thin, easily concealable tattoo straight to their skin and go about their daily routine unencumbered.

Theoretically, Tech Tats could also be used for other practical applications like authorizing payments at NFC-enabled terminals.

Check out the project video below for more info.

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sunset hair

It seems like one awesome hair trend leads to another. Perhaps Mermaid Hair inspired Galaxy Hair and Galaxy Hair inspired Sunset Hair.

Whether you want bold or muted sunset colors, it’s a beautiful effect.

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star wars retro

Somebody needs to bring these jackets back ASAP.

(via Reddit)

100 years of tattoos

Casey Lubin decided to turn her body into an art project by getting 11 new tattoos inked into her skin by artist Clae Welch over the course of one week. The result is also a history of the process, as each example was done in the style of specific American tattoo artists from each decade of the last century.

Chances are you’ll feel sore just watching it.

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bunni pokemon swimsuits 3

Last time we wrote about Blue Bunni Cosplay’s swimwear designs, she was inspired by Disney. This time, she’s all about Pokemon.

These designs aren’t available for purchase on her Etsy store yet, but Bunni is working on getting them made. Demand has overwhelmed supply—and with cute designs like this, I can see why.

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link lady connor

Looks like Wasteland Link isn’t going to wait around for Zelda. Didn’t see him hooking up with Lady Connor, but they do look good together.

Wasteland Link cosplay by Patrick Kennedy

Photo by pezonator