Creating fantastic cosplay takes a lot of work and it’s made much easier by having the right tools, but not everyone has a fully stocked sewing room. If you’re in Tokyo, then you’re in luck because CosBox is a room you can rent and it’s full of everything a cosplay maker needs. Four people (of the same sex) can rent the room at a time and they’ll have access to two sewing machines, a serger, mannequins, a supply of threads and a huge table to lay it all out.

Room rental rates start at $102.42 and go up to $187.18 and are divided into day or night time blocks. You can rent it overnight or even for a full 24 hours. There’s a full bathroom as well, so you never have to leave once you get on a roll. Through December 28th they’re running a special where your entire rental is free, so now’s the time to start working on that cosplay. I only wish we had something like this here in the States.

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valeera sanguinar

Photography by David Ngo.

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Les Baugh lost both of his arms 40 years ago in an electrical accident, but now he’s on his way to becoming a badass cyborg. Thanks to the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory he got two robotic arms that are attached directly to his nerves, so he can move them naturally with his mind.

The system requires periodic breaks between moves, but it’s an incredible start for this type of technology and holds such promise for those who are currently using less responsive prosthetics.

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This beautiful Sailor Moon-themed wedding will likely give you plenty of inspiration for your coming nuptials, or even just a Sailor Moon party. Michelle and Will had everything themed from the bride’s gorgeous dress and incredible shoes to the attire of every bridesmaid. The cake, placecards, and napkins also got a dose of Sailor Moon, and there were even props for her guests to pose with to create some very memorable shots of the event.

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Batman mixes well with lace – who knew?! These Batman panties come in a three pack and are all black and yellow (of course) and feature neat graffiti-style designs. One pair has the Bat symbol, another has Batman’s cowl, and the final pair has the symbol and the word “Batman.” They’re hipster style with high cut legs, and the lace gives them a nice racy touch.

Product Page ($24.99)


It looks like Arya Stark is getting a makeover for the next season of Game of Thrones. Actress Maisie Williams is happy with the change telling EW:

“I love Arya’s new look. It’s very neutral, very plain, but clean! I have clean hair that actually moves.”

The change in costume is one that’s designed to help her character remain anonymous on the streets of Braavos. It’s the brainchild of costume designer Michele Clapton. She said her goal was to reflect both the change in location as well as the fact that Arya is not a boy and can dress like a young woman.

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spider-woman costume 1

Batgirl isn’t the only superhero to get a stylish modern costume upgrade; Spider-Woman is following in her footsteps. Jessica Drew has been wearing the same costume for almost 40 years, but that’s about to change. It’s about time! Artist Kris Anka came up with the look that debuted yesterday in the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game and will premiere on comic book pages in March.

The old outfit was all about the spandex, but now? Drew gets black pants, gloves, leather, and a versatile jacket that works as street wear and a superhero costume. It looks edgier, more practical, and I give it a month before cosplayers are wearing it.

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predator son of a bitch patch

Remember that scene in Predator when Dutch and Dillon first see each other? Dutch says, “You son of a bitch!” as a friendly greeting, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers clasp their muscled arms together in a gratuitous way. This silly but great patch from Future Zine captures that moment. It might be the greatest patch ever made. It should be a merit badge or something.

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This t-shirt features a beautiful Lux from League of Legends on a t-shirt. From the product page:

Designed by Summoner Cubehero. In between battles, Lux quickly dons an apron to preserve her pristine armor and starts painting! Known by her fans as the Painter of Light, Lux’s crowning achievement is an old painting called Finales Funkeln.

The shirt is available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Product Pages: Women/Men ($21.99 via So Geek Chic)

santa doctor doom

No one can resist the Christmas spirit, not even Doctor Doom. The villain took the place of Santa Claus once in an issue of Marvel’s What The-?! series, and Imgur user CaptCash used it as inspiration for this spectacular Santa Doom costume. He even made a naughty list to carry around, and it includes Josh Trank, director of the upcoming Fantastic Four film. I love it.

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