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UBS Bank Issues 43 Page Dress Code Rule Book To Employees

From CubicleBot… Swiss bank UBS is being very picky about how their employees dress. How picky? They recently handed out 43 page books at five branches which govern what workers can and cannot wear. Included in the “do” list are stylish haircuts, because they “increase your popularity”, dark grey, black, or navy blue suits, as they “symbolize competence, formalism and sobriety”, black knee-high socks if you’re a man, because they “avoid showing any skin when you cross your legs”, and watches, as they suggest “reliability and great care for punctuality.”

The “don’t” list warns employees to avoid eating garlic and onions, wearing black nail polish or nail art, wearing short skirts, or having visible underwear.

If this new dress code proves successful, it could be implemented bank-wide. However, my guess is that it will be too difficult and time consuming to enforce, and will eventually be abandoned with a mighty “Aw, F*** it”.

(WSJ via The Consumerist)


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