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Marvel Creates a Superhero That Wears a Hearing Aid For a 4-Year-Old Boy

You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you realize that large corporations have heart? I’m experiencing that sentiment right now for Marvel.

They received an email from a mother with a 4-year-old boy named Anthony, who no longer wanted to wear his Blue Ear model hearing aid. Part of the reason he wanted to put it aside is because none of his favorite superheroes wore hearing aids. Christina D’Allesandro didn’t expect to get a response from Marvel regarding her comments so imagine her surprise when editor Bill Rosemann replied and pointed out that Hawkeye had to use a hearing aid in 1984’s West Coast Avengers # 1 after taking a shot to the ear.

It didn’t end there. Soon Marvel sent another email featuring the superhero Blue Ear. The image shows a hero using a hearing aid to listen to cries from those needing assistance. It worked like a charm. Though there are still times when Anthony doesn’t want to wear his hearing aid, he usually gets it.

“I tell him he has to hear people calling for help,” Christina said. “He gets the whole connection. He’s loving it.”

Classy, Marvel. Classy.

(Concord Monitor via Blastr)


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