Felicia Day Puts Fashionably Geek On Her Fave Five!

If you’ve been reading Fashionably Geek and our sister site Nerd Approved, you’ll know that we have an obsession with Felicia Day that is starting to get pretty disturbing. So, it was beyond thrilling when she added us to her SDCC Fave Five on The Flog. She may have added an extra “y” to our name as well, but she can call us whatever the hell she pleases.

That having been said, if you aren’t already watching all of the programing on her new YouTube channel Geek & Sundry you should remedy that right away. You might even want to grab a Codex costume or pre-order one of the brilliant Codex 1/6th scale figures QMx is set to release later this year. Display it proudly! Build a shrine! Take it out on a date! Wait, what?

Check out the video after the break.


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