These Evangelion Couple’s Rings Are Perfect For Kawoshin Shippers

evangelion couples ring 1

Kawoshin shippers, a jeweler called The Kiss has designed a set of rings just for you. This Unit 13 Crossing Silver Ring set features a Shinji ring with a purple amethyst and a Kaworu’s ring with a blue sapphire. Both rings also have matching synthetic rubies and are shipped in a special NERV ring box.

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They’ll be in stock on January 31st at select The Kiss stores and the Evangelion Store in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro.  You can also pre-order online.

Head after the break to see more pictures.

evangelion couples ring 2

evangelion couples ring 3

evangelion couples ring 4

Product Page: 25,920¥ ($216 USD via RocketNews24)


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