The Gotham City Skyline Looks Stunning On A Bracelet


If you’ve got a stash of cash like Bruce Wayne’s, you can treat yourself to this beautiful bracelet featuring Gotham City’s skyline. It’s a statement piece rather than an everyday accessory, and you’ll have to be careful not to let it get snagged on any grappling hooks. Truthfully, it may look more lovely in a display case than on your wrist. Either way, it’s shiny!

Check out another image after the break.

gotham city skyline bracelet header

From the product page:

NEW Noir for DC Comics presents to you the jaw-dropping Gotham City Bracelet! Embody the cool mysterious essence of Batman’s home city with this cool bracelet. Bracelet is solid brass with plating available in 18K Gold, Rhodium, or Gunmetal. DC COMICS TM & © DC COMICS (S10)

Product Page ($310 via @SuperSpaceChick)


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