Six Wedding Accessories With Geek Flair [Featured]

Angry Birds Bouquet

It’s approaching springtime and that means more wedding bells than usual are in the air. Though I don’t tend to get excited about weddings or planning them, seeing the plethora of geek flavored touches available to brides and grooms these days makes the whole affair more appealing. Etsy is full of treasures that allow you to either go with a complete theme or just add highlights that show off your fandom. I’ve found a few things that would add nerdiness to any nuptials.

Non-floral bouquets seem to be more popular these days so why not use them to share your passion? RBK Creations has plenty to choose from, including the Angry Birds design pictured above.

Check out five more accessories after the break.

arwen headdress

Take some inspiration from Arwen in Lord of the Rings and wear a delicate circlet instead of a veil or a tiara. Elvish is always a fine look to aim towards. Etsy shop Elvenstar Designs has several options.

TARDIS Garter Belt

Cross something new and something blue off your list at the same time with these delightful TARDIS garters. If Doctor Who isn’t your thing, Etsy seller Uniquely Yours Bridal has options for several franchises.

Wedding Shoes

If you’re going to wear a long gown that covers up your shoes most of the time anyways, they don’t need to be fancy! Choose comfortable ones that make you happy. It adds a fun touch, and you can wear them for other events. Moonlight Decorator will customize your shoes for your entire bridal party!


Boutonnieres offer a perfect opportunity for nerd placement. Etsy offers plenty of  choices, but it’s not too difficult to make your own. These Star Wars ones are a great example; you could also go crazy and use action figures.

LEGO Bow Tie

Bow ties are another perfect place to display some personality, and this Lego is kitschy and funky. I love it. Etsy shop Brick Shtick can make them in a variety of colors.


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