Prepare For The Return Of ‘Outlander’ With This Fraser Stag Brooch

Fraser Stag Brooch Horizontal

Outlander season 2 starts Saturday, April 9th, so it seems like a perfect time to show you this gorgeous Fraser Stag brooch by RockLove Jewelry.

This handmade solid sterling silver brooch features two entwined Celtic knotwork stags with a white-tail stick pin to keep it secure—all inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander.

A bearskin cloak, to be exact, fastened at the neck with a silver-gilt brooch as large as the palm of my hand. It was made in the shape of two leaping stags, backs arched and heads meeting to form a circle. The locking pin was a short, tapered fan, the head of it shaped like the tail of a fleeing deer.

You may not have a bearskin cloak, but I’m sure this brooch goes with all sorts of great fabrics. Speaking of fabrics, I can’t wait to see the new French clothes when Outlander returns.

Check out more pics below.

Outlander Fraser Stag Brooch



Outlander Fraser Stag Brooch ($125)


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