Custom ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Paopu Fruit Engagement Ring


Takayas Custom Jewelry specializes in crafting custom wedding and engagement rings for gamers and geeks. About a year ago, they made a gorgeous Kingdom Hearts themed-ring that featured a design inspired by the Oathkeeper Keyblade. Takayas recently made another Kingdom Hearts ring for a client that also featured an Oathkeeper-inspired design, but the center stone setting on this ring is based on a Paopu Fruit.

This custom 14K white gold and diamond engagement ring we created for Jefferson and Maria is based on the same Oathkeeper as our previous ring but with a different take on the Keyblade. For their ring, Jefferson wanted to find a way to do a different spin on the Oathkeeper design that also incorporated the game’s Paopu Fruit into the setting. In the sample Paopu Fruit image Jefferson provided, the fruit had a puffiness to it so Takayas started by designing the star shape with a little dimension. He thought about using only the star part for the diamond’s setting, but in the end, he decided to keep the leaf because he thought it was symbolically important to the Paopu fruit.







Head on over to Takayas to learn more about the design and the couple that inspired it.

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