Hot Topic Hunger Games Motherload Stretches From Socks To Replica Bows

Hot Topic has opened up a virtual wing of their shop for merchandise available for pre-order for The Hunger Games. They of course have the standard t-shirts and tote bags emblazoned with a mockingjay or the motto of the games, “May the odds be ever in your favor,” but they also have some neat products. I like the jewelry designs (my mockingjay necklace is actually from Hot Topic back when they had merchandise from the books – I got it off a clearance rack) and items like the District 12 backpack. I wouldn’t necessarily carry it, but it’s a nice tie-in considering Katniss carries around an orange backpack in the arena. Speaking of the arena, Hot Topic is even offering a replica of Katniss’s bow.

The items have various ship dates so if you’re shopping for the movie premiere on 3/23 be sure to check the dates closely.

Check out photos of some of the cooler Hunger Games products Hot Topic is offering after the break.

Product Page ($7 and up)


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