Subtle ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Carbuncle-Inspired Engagement Ring

Takayas has crafted yet another Final Fantasy-inspired engagement ring for a cute couple that bonded over video games—but the design for this ring is a more subtle than most. At first glance, it looks like an elegant sapphire and diamond engagement ring. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the ring is made up of two FFXIV Carbuncles, mirror-reversed and wrapping around either side.

“Knowing that Rachel loves carbuncles (and real cats and dogs),” Jonathan explained, “I thought that an engagement ring highlighting the things she enjoyed in a game that we’ve spent hours playing together would be ideal. I wanted something simple, yet elegant. A design that at a distance looked like a masterly crafted piece of jewelry but, on closer inspection, had subtle meaningful elements that would remind her of our bond.”

Jonathan requested that the center stone be a cushion-cut shape, to represent the book weapon of the Scholar. He also suggested having two abstract carbuncles wrapped around the center stone. Takayas played with this idea but, ultimately, the center stone would need to be round for this idea to work and it would have seriously crowded the side stones (plus, Takayas loved the idea of the cushion-cut representing the book weapon.)

So, Takayas took the “two abstract carbuncles” idea in a different direction, instead forming the entire ring out of their bodies. As Jonathan requested, at first glance the ring simply looks like an elegant sapphire and diamond engagement ring. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the abstract forms of the two carbuncles.

“I wanted the two carbuncles to represent our individual and unique personalities.” Jonathan said. “The center sapphire was a form of “bond” between us.” And, regarding the design change from using the carbuncles around the center stone to using them to form the ring itself, “I loved it. It fulfilled the idea of two distinct lives coming together as one, and wrapping completely around the band made me think of love being eternal.”

Head on over to the Takayas Blog for more details about the creation of the ring and the romantic proposal that followed. I don’t think it would be much of a spoiler to tell you that Rachel said “yes”.


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