Cufflinks Fit For James Bond Will Unlock Any Handcuffs

You don’t need a license to kill just so you can have cool spy gadgets. These are real cufflinks that will unlock most standard handcuffs. I have no reason to believe that I’ll ever need these, but I may buy a pair just in case I’m kidnapped from a casino in Monte Carlo and locked in the volcano lair of an evil villain. Also, they have the best product warning ever that makes me want them even more.

Upon first glance, The Sparrows UNCUFF LINK appears to be a standard pair of cuff links. However, a covert, hidden handcuff key has been engineered in to the design. This concealed hand cuff key will to open almost all Standard Hand cuffs. It’s also designed to hold your French Cuffs closed. A must have for any international SPY or the average citizen looking for some styling carbon fiber inlaid cuff links that happen to open Hand cuffs.

*WARNING: The use of this product under some circumstances may result in you being shot.*

Don’t Break the LAW

So, make sure you break out of your handcuffs responsibly.

Product Page ($59 via boingboing)


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