Become A Khaleesi With This Dragon Egg And Ring Set


The “Drogon the Baby Dragon Ring” hatches before your very eyes to reveal a beautifully sculptured baby dragon. The bond between a mother and her baby dragon is impenetrable and lasting forever, on your finger.

Just look at those sweet little eyes and the faithful gaze that says “wear me and I will protect you.”

This gorgeous ring can be custom made from size 5 to 14, including half sizes. The set includes not only your brand new baby dragon, but the egg that serves as his home, and a 3 sword stand for display.

Check our more pics of the ring and dragon egg after the break.





Etsy shop owner KilroysAttic explains all the amazing detail:

Drogon lurks approximately 1.5 inches high, 1 inch wide & 3 inches long. Cast metallique resin dusted in stainless steel create his dark polished surface with scarlet mica cresting his spinal horns resulting in his distinct color variation. His eyes are bored and set with translucent seed beads for those deep fiery ruby orbs sure to hypnotize any voyeur. Before yours fully cures, he’ll rest on a RING Sizer at the SIZE you request for that uber perfect fit!

Your Drogon Ring shall arrive in a matched Dragon Egg which serves as his jewelry box. Its divided halves are linked by a hinged base which holds Drogon by his tail. The egg is divided along the scales’ edges in order to mask its ability to open and close. The bisected egg measure 3.75 inches in length by 2.25 inches in width with a shell thickness just under a quarter of an inch, making this one robust dragon egg!

Three Dothraki swords called “Arakhs” combine to form the perfect stand to proudly display your dragon egg and key to reclaiming your seven kingdoms!

Product Page ($70.00)


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