Warm Up With a Replica Of Lee Adama’s Bomber Jacket

bsg adama's bomber jacket

Summer is fading into fall which means it’s the ideal time to start thinking about whether you need a new jacket. This replica of Lee Adama’s bomber jacket will work for cosplay and everyday wear— and it’s coming soon to our Nerd Approved Shop!

Dressing like Apollo is a smart move and you can’t beat a prop replica. The jacket comes with screen accurate Viper and Vigilante patches, and it’s fully lined and ready for duty. If you’re wondering about when it was on screen, you can spot the coat near the end of the last season of the original Battlestar Galactica “during Apollo’s flashback sequence of meeting Starbuck for the first time.”

Pre-order now to receive the coat later this month!

Battlestar Galactica Lee Adama’s Bomber Jacket ($234.99)


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